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Science Themed Birthday Parties

Fun With Chemistry

And who thought Chemistry could save the day!!

Chemistry is can be very fun and surprisingly is most loved theme among gyanPro’s children. Children love playing with chemicals (the harmless kind, of course!) and go oooh and ahhh with some amazing experiments.

Please note: all the experiments and chemicals used are safe.


Kaleidoscope. Colour Spectrum. Rainbows. X-Rays and lot more gimmicky experiments - all inspired by light in out Light Themed Birthday parties.

Bubble Mania

Bubbles, gigantic bubbles, gooey slime and more.Playing with bubbles is an all-time favourite for all children.


Explore the hidden science around you. Discover the why's and How’s of daily life by simple experiments like Huff & Puff, Super Balloon and prove that there is air pressure around us.

Harry Potter


ns anyone? The first book was published in 1997 and the last movie was released in 2011. Now, seven years later, the popularity and relevance of this franchise hasn’t dimmed at all!

Liquid Nitrogen

Hungry head, Banana Smash, Fire & Ice, Freezing Balloon and the liquid nitrogen explosion.
Liquid nitrogen experiments will be a bag of surprises and the budding scientists are left amazed.

Get Shocked

Check out our electrifying birthday parties!
Be a part of an electrifying, hands-on, demonstration showing the wonders of static electricity, electricity in our bodies and electromagnets. A simple buzzer box - with a safe stirring shock is a take home toy.