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Summer Camp 2017 Fun Activities!

Only At GYANPRO Science Summer Camp You Get To Do:

  • Eletro Mag Rotor
  • Stroboscope
  • Wireless Electricity
  • Slime
  • Incredible Crystals
  • Vuvuzela

Science Summer Camp 2017

Summer camp 2017 has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting and consulting of science workshops.

The workshops have been designed in such a manner that there are adequate take home working models and supporting experiments.

We have been conducting science themed summer camps at various schools and institutes at different cities across India.

The science summer camp has 3 groups:

Amateur Scientist

Amateur Scientist

Change yourself into a 2 week scientist and explore the "imagine that" summer camp designed specifically to help you ask the How, When, Where and Why of science.

  • age: Grade 3rd to 8th
  • size: 2 Hrs Each Day for 10days (Excluding Weekends)

CSI –Cool Science Investigation

Cool Science Investigation

Ever wondered how it would feel to be in CSI?? Take part in investigating the mysteries designed in this camp and you are one step closer to being the 21st century Sherlock Holmes!

  • age: Grade 6th to 8th
  • size: 2 Hrs Each Day for 10days (Excluding Weekends)

Science for Toddlers


Introduce your ever curious child to science this year !! Make their first memories of science fun and meaningful with these engaging science activities

  • age: Kindergarten ( 4 to 6 yrs)
  • size: 2 Hrs Each Day for 5days (Excluding Weekends)

GYANPRO'S Science Summer Camp - Outcomes

  • Creativity and Self-expression

    The freest form of self-expression is creativity. The Science Squad at GyanPro believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than allowing kids to express themselves creatively.By attending GYANPRO's Science Summer camp ,they are able to learn by visualizing, thinking about the concepts of science.

  • Problem Solving

    The experiments are crafted in a way to encourage kids to understand the concept by allowing them to solve problems they face while building and performing the experiment or activity. Encouraging kids to develop problem solving skills will make sure that they are able to troubleshoot simple day to day problems they face

  • Sense of Achievement

    On completion of each experiment, we at GyanPro guarantee a smile and sense of achievement instilled in the kids. They will be able to grasp the fact that they have been the ones to create a fully functioning model or an experiment that will explain a concept of science easily.

  • Science concepts

    The GyanPro Science Summer Camp simplifies various concepts into tiny experiments so as to help kids grasp a better understanding of these science concepts and also boost their curiosity and inquisitiveness.

  • Better Use of the Time that

    Of course, there will be new friendship forged and what better can you use time for than this? Huge opportunity for social interaction , Debates and having fun.

  • Bored of School and same old activities?

    This Science Summer Camp designed by Gyanpro give a refreshing and touch and fresh though process for those are bored from mundane activities or usual summer camps.