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"The Learning Aid that makes Science, make Sense"

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"Proscientia is an innovative "Learning Aid" for students specifically from Grade 5 to Grade 8. It is a professionally planned and designed STEAM based activity kit".


Individual activity boxes per child


5 activity boxes per grade


10-12 science topics mapped according to the curriculum


progressive levels of learning


100% curriculum aligned

Why Proscientia

1. Better academic skill development-Cognition,Retention and Recollection.
2. "Learning by doing" will help student understand the concept better
3 . Student will be able to visualize the concept which helps increase the intrest in the learning.
4. Take home project with every class.


1. The teachers will be able to deliver a more dynamic class.
2. The content can be taught in regular class hours,no extra time or classes necessary.
3. Uniformity and continuity in the content delivered.
4. Equips teachers to enhance the teaching methods through 5E approch: Explore,Engage,Explain,Elaborate,Evaluate.


1. A value based information for new age of education adaption.
2. Increases the productivity and efficieny of both the teachers and the student.
3.Improved data and metrics driven decision making towords the curricula.
4. New age and effective pedagogy.

School Management


GYANPRO conducted Science Club at Mount Litera Zee School, South Bangalore, for the academic year 2017-18. One of the participants was Prithvi Poddar. Here's his mother describing how the GyanPro Club at MLZS helped her son's curiosity levels and how he transmitted the knowledge that he gained from the Club to his family members.

GYANPRO conducted Science Club at Mount Litera Zee School, South Bangalore, for the academic year 2017-18. Here's Ms. Deepthi, Science Co-ordinator at Mount Litera Zee School, Kudlu, describing her experience with GyanPro Club. She says children asked a number of questions after this workshop and that GyanPro is helping MLZS to achieve its goals of fostering creativity and scientific temper among children.

“We are extremely honoured and delighted that our STEAM Learning Aid - PROSCIENTIA has been recognized and awarded with the prestigious IDA Corporate Award 2019 for the "Content of the year in K-12 Education" during the DIDAC India Summit in Bengaluru!”

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