Science workshop for kids in Saraswathipuram

GyanPro’s school science workshops for kids are practical and exciting as well as educational and intuitive. They can be used to develop scientific temper among students, increase their logical thinking. The best bit at Gyanpro is that we conduct Science workshops in schools, Science workshops for corporates and science workshop for NGOs.

This science workshop will be further education for your group of youngsters and this will only encourage learning and development beyond what is learnt at school.

These are STEM based science workshops which helps in encouraging students with different academic requirements to learn scientific concepts by hands on activities, model building and various simple science experiments. A Science workshop is a convenient way to offer students a hands-on- activity and fun science experience. Our in-class science workshops offer professional lesson plans, unique equipment, and dynamic instructors.

The STEM education provided at GYANPRO uses various science models, science projects, science experiments, math labs, hand-on activities, science role plays and science games to foster inquisitiveness, reasoning skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills and cognition.

STEM based science projects and experiments which assist in providing a well-rounded education in almost all areas of STEM.

Each workshop comes with a Teacher Resource Package featuring teacher resources guides with crosscutting concepts to help educators maximize the learning experience, before and after, each Science workshop.

The various science workshops for children in Saraswathipuram, designed by GYANPRO comprises of various topics such as astronomy short course, kitchen chemistry short course, “things around us” short course, farming camp short course, cosmetic chemistry short course, crime science investigation (forensic science) short course, 3D-printing short course, biotechnology short course, amateur researcher short course, aeromodelling short course, robotics short course, electromagnetism short course, science of sound short course and pyrotechnic short course. Each of these science and technology courses places emphasis on a single aspect or topic which in turn helps children to focus at a single task at hand. Each of the courses and their focuses are detailed below:

  • Astronomy short course: Get inspired by our astronomy course that will take you through the mysteries of planets, stars, sky and space. Get captivated with the stars with our star gazing corner and much more.
  • Kitchen Chemistry short course: This short course is designed to explore few basic principles of chemistry with materials that can be found in your very own kitchen!!
  • Things around us short course: We see a lot of things around us, but have you ever wondered the reasons as to why things are the way they are. Explore this course to find out simple science in things around us.
  • 3D Printing short courses: Bring your ideas alive with 3-D printing. Learn more about how 3-D printing works by creating a masterpiece of your own.
  • Farming Camp: Explore nature and learn the science behind farming and how different techniques are used to grow different crops.
  • Cosmetic Chemistry short course: Create different cosmetics and discover the science of what goes on your beautiful skin. Explore the biology of hair, nails and skin and develop your very own signature cosmetic line.