about gyanpro

Curriculum Based Program is designed to:

  • Ensure science related progressive development of children at a steady pace.

  • Develop and nurture Scientific Temper.

  • Be time specific and are strictly curriculum based – across different syllabus.

  • Help children build a strong and everlasting relationship with ‘Conceptual Science’ which will eventually become an integrated part of their life as well as academics.

  • Enhance learning outcomes : Cognition, Retention and Recollection Process.

  • Content for these programs are delivered through various experiential learning media such as laboratory projects, hands-on-activities, science expeditions and science workshops. We believe such activities can strengthen a child’s inquisitiveness and imagination.

    Proscientia (Curriculum Based Program )

    Proscientia is an innovative "Learning Aid" for students specifically from Grade 5 to Grade 8. It is a professionally planned and designed STEAM based activity kit for school teachers. Teachers can use these experiments and models to complement the existing academic plan to create an experiential learning to help students understand the concept as well as the practical implementation of science experiments.

    Salient features of Proscientia

  • Proscientia is 100% curriculum aligned.
  • Activities are Grade And Time specific.
  • The complexity of the experiments and activities progress with the grade.
  • Teachers will be trained and provided with a class plan and a video to conduct these activities and experiments in classes.
  • Each student will have his/her own proscientia box.
  • For one academic year, each child will get 5 boxes with 20+ activities.
  • All the activities are curriculum aligned. Further, these activities are calibrated to be implemented in a 40 minutes session.