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Services For Corporates And NGO's

We provide product based companies a platform to endorse various science products which will help kids of all ages to turn into amateur scientists.
We pride ourselves to be able to cater to children of all ages to actively help them seek science and hone their scientific skills.
Our expertise lies in designing and identifying stream-lined and innovative projects that will help create an awareness and interest in science among children.

Innovative Science Birthday Parties

Finding the mad scientist in you?
Let’s help you find it!

Employee Engagement Program

Make us part of your Employee Engagement Programs and help us involve your employees and their families in some fun educative program. We have a range of dynamic, interactive and hands-on activities for all!

Customer Engagement Program

Want to make your customers’ experiences more memorable? We would love to engage your customers in fun, exciting and innovative science activities!

CSR Activities

We love to facilitate Corporate Social Responsibility for better Science education and promotion of science for better social action in India.

Service For NGO's

Our expertise lies in creating easy to understand science activities. We are always looking forward to working with NGOs to explore all possible venues to collaborate.
We would be happy to customize our services for your requirement.