Community Programs

Community Programs offer a learning environment to kids which go beyond the walls of a classroom. Students can interact with our Science Squad, with each other and their surroundings while learning to solve problems, understand different concepts of science.

Our vision is to create a scientific community where in all students engage in learning, achieving to the best of their abilities and finally becoming productive citizens of our country. GyanPro resolutely believes that strengthening our community in turn strengthens us.

We took our first step towards creating a scientific community by conducting a science workshop at Government School with Nottingham Trent University, UK.

GyanPro and Nottingham Trent University (NTU) believe that the children who are deprived of quality education should be catered to as well. Hence, GyanPro and NTU joined hands and conducted a community based program at a Government School Viveknagar, Bangalore.

This program consisted of 60 children from 6th and 7th standard who participated in the science workshop along with 8 teachers of the Science Squad. The children were taught about “Light and its properties”. To further engrave these concepts, the students prepared a spectroscope as a hands-on activity.

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