Summer camp for children in BTM

Looking for summer camp for kids? Then look no further, GYANPRO has developed fun filled Science Summer camp for children. All the activities in the summer camp are simplistically designed to give the children hands on science experiments through which they can make, learn and enjoy.

The science summer camps are exciting and make your child’s summer a very memorable and knowledgeable one.

Hobby classes for children in BTM are significantly available but, science summer camp is an innovative summer camp implemented by Gyanpro. Specially designed science experiments for kids increase their interest in science.

The STEM education provided at Gyanpro is also used in the science summer camp uses various science models, science projects, science experiments, math labs, hand-on activities, science role plays and science games to foster inquisitiveness, reasoning skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills and cognition

Summer camp 2016 has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting and consulting of science workshops. The workshops have been designed in such a manner that there are adequate take home working models and supporting experiments.

We have been conducting science summer camps at various schools and institutes at different cities across India.

GYANPRO’s science summer camp helps in increasing students’ interest towards science because, they are curious about what science and technology is all about. These science summer camps enhance the understanding and knowledge of children, develop scientific temper and induce logical thinking skills, helping them to do better in their regular curriculum.

Amateur Scientist:

Juniors Summer Camp- This program is designed for students from grades 2 to 4. The hands-on-activities designed at GYANPRO enable children to develop their scientific temper, logical reasoning and scientific thinking.

Senior Summer Camp- This program is designed for students from grades 5 to 7. The hands-on-activities designed by GYANPRO that targets a more structured and compact advancement in understanding various topics and concepts related to large variety of science and technology concepts.

CSI (Forensic):

This program is designed for students from grades 6 to 8. Children can dive into the world of Forensic Science to discover what it is all about!

Science for Toddlers:

The hands-on-activities developed by GYANPRO helps instil inquisitiveness in toddlers. They help in developing various aspects of their senses and recognition skills.