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Course Description - Amateur Scientist 11yrs to 14yrs

Amateur Scientist is an activity-based workshop designed for children between the age category 11 to 14 yrs. In this workshop, the child will be introduced to various concepts of science through hands-on activities. During the workshop, the child will learn new concepts of science by performing various experiments along with the instructor. At the end of each session, the child will be building a science model using the activity kit delivered to your place.

All our Courses Include

  • Force and Energy -

    "What makes you do work simpler? Learn the concept of Force, Work and Energy"

  • Motion and Measurement

    Learn the concept of Motions and its application with fun filled activities.

  • Pressure -

    Learn the concept of Pressure and make your own "Hydraulic Crane".

  • Fun with Chemistry -

    Children are introduced to Chemistry where they understand - What is Soap? How is it used as cleansing agent, its uses and properties.

  • Air Resistance -

    Children are introduced to concept of Air Resistance and its working and how it affects any object through hands on activities.

  • You see me?? You see me NOT!! -

    Create a magical illusion by building your own "Magical Room!!".

  • Go Electric!! -

    Learn the concept of Electricity and design your own "Table Lamp".

  • Electricity - Sensors -

    Children are introduced to concepts of sensors and working of it. Children will be building "Water Level Indicator without a sensor".

  • 3D - HOLOGRAM -

    LIVE 3D Holograms are the things of the future. We all have seen people using 3D Holograms in Movies, but have you ever wished to see on for real in front of you. Well here you learn how to build your own "3D - HOLOGRAM".

  • Virtual Reality - The Future! -

    Is it possible for you to interact with virtual contents in the real world? Isnt it great to build your own "Virtual Reality" headset.


  • Age: 11 Years to 14 Years
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Batch Size: 6 Students per Class
  • Mode: Live Group Classes
  • No. of Sessions:10
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