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WEEKEND WORKSHOP has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting and consulting of science workshops.

Weekend Gyan Juniors (Grade 2nd to 4th)

Little scientist are introduced to different concepts in science and also help them answer to various question like What makes you do work simpler?how is sound produced? what gives shape to our body and many more.
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Weekend Gyan Seniors (Grade 5th to 7th)

Amateur scientists are explored to the world of physics, chemistry,Biology and Astronomy and learn the concept with funfilled activities and take home project.
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Crime Scene Investigation (5th std - 9th std)

Ever wondered how it would feel to be in CSI?? Take part in investigating the mysteries designed in this course and also helps you to learn the different techniques that are used by forensic scientists and why they are useful in solving crimes and other mysteries.
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Weekend Electronics Workshop(Grade 5th to 7th)

Amateur scientists are explored to the world of Electronics - which deals with circuits and connections and also help them to build thier own model. This course is designed to give you tid-bits of different concepts of science all packed under one course.
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Book Your Science Themed Birthday Party

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Looking to find a new way to celebrate your birthday with science? Then look no further. GYANPRO offers its signature touch to turn your regular birthday party into a fun filled science themed birthday party that will get you and your friends scientifically excited. These science themed parties offer the perfect blend of observing as well as conducting experiments with your friends.

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Science With Santa - Christmas Camp

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In this bright festival of good over evil, GyanPro brings for all its young and inquisitive scientists their most awaited!

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Science Workshops for Schools

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Curriculum Based Programs are designed to ensure the progressive development of children at a steady pace. They are well timed and are strictly curriculum based. These programs help kids build a strong and everlasting relationship with ' ​​ Conceptual Science' which becomes an integrated part of their life as well as academics.​

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We believe in developing a well-rounded mind through a creative learning experience using various mediums such as lab projects, nature explorations, hands on activities, expeditions and much more.



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