Science Birthday Party

Looking to find a new way to celebrate your birthday with science? Then look no further… GYANPRO offers its signature touch to turn your regular birthday party into a fun filled science themed birthday party that will get you and your friends scientifically excited. These science themed parties offer the perfect blend of observing as well as conducting experiments with your friends.

Fun With Chemistry

Chemistry is a very fun and most loved theme among children. Here they get to play with chemicals and watch some amazing experiments. And the chemicals will be a part of the birthday party celebration. All the experiments and chemicals used for them are safe.

Light Theme

Light is a concept commonly known to children of all the age groups. But the phenomenon related to it is seldom known to them. Light themed setup will have activities which amazes children with gimmicky experiments explaining the various phenomenon of light.

Bubble Mania

Playing with bubbles is an all-time favourite for all children. Bubble Mania is one such theme that helps them explore the science behind bubbles. They also get to make their own bubble solution as a take home.

Pressure Theme

Explore the hidden science around you. Discover the whys’s and How’s of daily life by simple experiments like Huff & Puff, Super balloon and prove that there is air pressure around us.

Harry Potter Theme

Harry Potter theme would be a best surprise for a Harry Potter enthusiast. Children get to make their own Harry potter magic potions. Lot of fun and magical science activities. Harry Potter theme gives a great combination of Fiction and Science.

Liquid Nitrogen Theme

Hungry head, Banana Smash, Fire&Ice, Freezing balloon and the liquid nitrogen explosion. Liquid nitrogen experiments will be a bag of surprises and the budding scientists are left amazed. All the liquid nitrogen experiments are conducted with at most safety.

Get Shocked Theme

Electricity can be best understood by actually knowing what an electron actually does. So the kids become electrons and build a circuit of their own. A simple buzzer box is their take home toy. Also they will get a safe but a stirring shock!!