The Science Squad at GYANPRO pride themselves for having developed the perfect concoction of techniques to help nurture various essential aspects required by kids,between the ages of 6-12 years. We firmly believe that the using different techniques will help kids to keep an open mind, create inquisitiveness and build curiosity towards science.

The following techniques are used interchangeably at GYANPRO to promote effective understanding of scientific concepts:

Story Telling : This technique used at GyanPro acts as a guide or map. The Science Squad at GyanPro uses the story-telling technique so as to better teach the kids and influence them to develop their memory, retention and listening skills.

Hands-On Activities: This is an integral method used by the Science Squad at GYANPRO, as we believe that, busy hands make busy brains. These activities help kids to understand certain concepts,as well as help them to develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. The hands-on activities are aimed to encourage kids and to give their neurons a much needed workout, while allowing them to learn while creating dreams for themselves.

Role-Plays : This tried and tested method used at GYANPRO allows them to become easily familiar with the scientific concepts being taught. Role playing not only helps kids to open up and become enthusiastic to newer ideas and concepts, but also allows them to become active participants in the entire learning process.

Puzzles : This technique is especially loved by kids and the Science Squad as they learn that the “whole picture” is actually made up of different parts, i.e – pieces of a puzzle. Puzzles are incorporated into the teaching methodology as they are known to improve attention and concentration spans, recognition and remembering skills, matching and sorting capabilities, problem solving, hand-eye coordination as well as abstract thinking in kids.

Games : Games are used to teach various concepts of science, so as to allow kids to interact with each other and develop social skills. They enable kids to watch, wait, listen and improve their observational skills as well. Using games as part of the learning experience has proven to have a positive effect on speech development as well as on vocabulary in kids.

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