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The GYANPRO Box is refreshing, fun and a science themed box that is designed to stimulate, inspire, create and understand various science concepts through hands-on-activities and experiments. The GyanPro Box is crafted for kids of the age group 6-12 years and will be mailed to your door step every month. Each box contains 3 experiments that are centred on a single concept of science.

The Science Squad at GYANPRO craft these boxes with great care so as to help kids foster the curiosity of science. The GYANPRO box essentially promotes creativity, problem solving, cognition prowess, self-expression and curiosity for science. Discover exciting science projects, puzzles and games every month and inspire your kids to jump into the world of theories – Science.

The Science Squad at GYANPRO crafts these monthly science themed boxes to help kids understand develop the following :

Cognition : These boxes are planned keeping in mind to present experiments and science concepts to kids which will not only help them develop attention skills, memory and thinking. This in turn will help kids to eventually learn, evaluate, analyse, remember and make comparisons.

Fine motor skills : The hands-on activities are designed to help kids develop co-ordination of small muscles of their hands and fingers with their eyes which include pencil skills (scribbling, colouring, drawing, writing), scissors skills (cutting), construction skills (building the model present in the GYANPRO box). Empower your kids with fine motor skills through the GYANPRO box so as to help them complete day to day activities and boost their self-esteem.

Creativity and Self-expression : The freest form of self-expression is creativity. The Science Squad at GYANPRO believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than allowing kids to express themselves creatively. These boxes contain a blank flowchart for each experiment that the kids can use at the end of the activity to describe what they have learnt. By doing so, they are able to learn by visualizing, thinking and then writing done the experiment process, concepts understood and their thoughts.

Concentration and Focus : The GYANPRO box allows the children to set-up their “science area” by unpacking the experiments so as to create a “science zone”. The step-by-step illustrative instructions provide the necessary understanding of the experiment. By allowing your kids to explore these monthly science boxes will not only help them develop an interest in science but will also permit them to develop their concentration and focus to work on one thing at a time.

Project and Time Management : These science themed boxes will encourage kids to allocate the time required, the materials required and the space required to do the experiments. This helps foster kids to develop skills that will help in project and time management.

Problem Solving : The experiments are crafted in a way to encourage kids to understand the concept by allowing them to solve problems they face while building and performing the experiment or activity. Encouraging kids to develop problem solving skills will make sure that they are able to troubleshoot simple day to day problems they face.

Reasoning skills : To allow kids to understand the essence of science, the Science Sqaud at GYANPRO takes great care in creating the science themed box each month so that the experiments present in the box will provide a base for kids to develop their reasoning skills by asking the why’s and how’ of the experiment and their concepts.

Family Bonding : The GYANPRO box is a versatile science themed box that encourages kids to have fun by allowing not only your kids but will allow you as parents to laugh, bond and get silly with your kids. Re-vamp your weekends and turn your home into a science gala for you and your kids.

Sense of Achievement : On completion of each experiment, we at GYANPRO guarantee a smile and sense of achievement instilled in the kids. They will be able to grasp the fact that they have been the ones to create a fully functioning model or an experiment that will explain a concept of science easily.

Science concepts : The GYANPRO Box simplifies various concepts into tiny experiments so as to help kids grasp a better understanding of these science concepts and also boost their curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Logical Thinking : The experiments are designed in such a way that kids are made to think and ask questions so as to develop logical thinking aspect of their brains. This in turn will help kids to keep an open mind when they encounter new and interesting things in day to day life.