Why Should Electronic Gadgets Be Turned Off In Flights

Electronic deviceWe have become so dependent and attached to our gadgets that we cannot even spare a minute away from it. It has been our best partner or rather a mandate while travelling in order to beat the boredom. It is no less than a challenge for people to stay away from their gadgets. And the most annoying thing about flight travels are keeping your gadgets switched off. I know most of you get irritated to put off your phones while travelling in flight. Ever wondered why flight attendants recommend you to keep your phone off? Why is it done only in flights? Why not in any other modes of transport? Well, there is a logic behind doing so. Though it is annoying for you to do so there is no choice other than putting it off. And let me make it clear it is just not applicable for cell phones, but it implies for all kinds of electronic gadgets.

Devices with Wi-Fi connectivity like mobiles are the true offenders. If the mobiles are switched on, it naturally tends to search and attract to the nearest signal. The same thing happens in the plane too. It causes lot of disturbance to the other working devices when the mobile is in the process of finding its nearest signal. It affects the working of other gadgets. And this disturbance can even be experience when our headset makes a kind of buzzing sound due to signal interference. That is why The IATA (International Air Transport Association) ordered that, except the plane’s electronic devices no other electronic gadgets should be turned on. There are cases where the plane system corrupted due to noise and signal interference during the course of flight.

If all the electronic gadgets are to be turned off, then how is it possible to use TV ported to seats of plane? The reality is that portable devices like mobile phones, remote controlled toys, CD’s etc emit powerful electromagnetic radiations that can cause interference to aircraft’s navigation and communication system. This interference is no less than danger to the flight. Aircrafts also have telephone and TV which has transmission through the antennas mounted to the plane. So their signals donnot interfere with the aircraft systems. Lot of research was done to detect the amount of radiation disturbances caused by different gadgets. Based on that detected result the officials have strictly prohibited the use of electronic devices during the take-off and landing of the plane. It is also recommended that no devices should be in use when the aircraft is below 10,000 feet.

Just not that, when the aircrafts are about 35,000 feet above the ground there is communication with the ground station for finding the path. Mobile phones give large power output when they are in search for signals. So in such great heights it tends to possess greater tendency of causing disruptions to the aircraft’s communication with ground station. This is the main reason why you have to keep electronic gadgets switched off while traveling in aeroplanes.

It is always recommended to follow the standard protocol in order to be safe and let others be safe. So am sure the next time you take a flight youwouldn’t be offended to put off your gadgets, right?gadgets

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