Why does hair turn grey?

grey hair

Have you ever wondered why your grandparents have grey hair? And eventually you see your parents hair turning grey too. It seems to be a sign of aging. That is the reason why people tend to cover up their grey hair by dyeing.

Hair is a part associated with skin. The colour of your skin is due to the colouring pigments. There are five pigments responsible for the colour of skin. Melanin is the important pigment of all these Melanin is brown colour pigment. It is responsible for the colour of skin, hair and eyes. They are produced by melanocytes. So the complexion of person is decided upon the amount of melanin present in the skin. Lesser the concentration of melanin fairer is the complexion and more the concentration darker the complexion. Hair being part of skin, the colour of it depends on the colour of skin. Melanin produces keratin which is the primary protein required for hair.

Genetics has its main role in greying of hair too. You might get your first grey strand at the same age as your parents got theirs. Greying of hair may happen for various reasons. Aging is of course one of the prominent cause. Other than that it is lack of nutrition, anaemia, B vitamin deficiency, untreated thyroid conditions and use of highly harmful chemicals for hair treatment.

The most popular sign of aging is hair greying. In old age all the biological process slows down. It may happen so for various reasons. Eventually the melanin production also declines. That is why your hair will turn black to grey and to white.

Basically our hair is made up of two parts. The hair which is visible to us called a shaft and the part underneath the scalp known as root. The shaft which is visible to us is actually like a transparent tube. This transparent tube is filled with melanin. The collection of melanin is what makes the look black. So when there is less melanin it appears grey. And thus hair looks white when there is no melanin. It is very similar to the pen refill. Hair greying common among young aged people too. Proper nutrition intake and healthy habits may help overcome this problem.


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