Why Are Eggs – Egg Shaped?

3 eggs in a chiken nest

If you are curious to know the nature and its elements am sure you would have definitely got this doubt. Because chicken egg is something which is used regularly in most of the houses. Have you ever wondered why those eggs are oval and not spherical in shape?
This is specifically about the chicken egg because the eggs of reptiles and other species have round eggs. The chicken egg is kind of elliptical having tapered ends. One end is bigger than the other end. There is a scientific reason behind this. If suppose eggs were round in shape there are all possibilities for it to break by rolling off as symmetrical structure corresponds to easy movement and thus may lead to breaking of egg.
Suppose they were rectangular in shape, then no doubt the corners of rectangle would hold it tight. But it would be very weak in the middle. And also becomes very difficult for the hen to lay eggs.
In asymmetrical egg shape, if you slightly nudge them then it rotates to form a circle around one centre point. And the chances of rolling off is less compared to symmetrical egg shape. So that eggs don’t slip out of the nest. The nests are also built in such a way that the cliff is deep and holds the egg intact safely. So when eggs in the nest occupies the whole nest space with few air spaces between them. And this asymmetrical oval shape of egg enables more space for as many as eggs to fit in compactly. Heat is easily radiated among the eggs due to the compact placement. The tapered structure also helps hens to push it out easily.
Even when you are holding egg in your hand you can feel the correct grip due to this shape which would not be possible if it would be either round or rectangle. This definitely helps in easy and stress free handling of eggs because we have to go through a lot of mess if it breaks.
Eggs are to be regularly incubated. Adult bird provides the necessary warmth by sitting on it and not allowing the air inside it to escape. And the adult bird regularly rotates the egg so that the warmth is given equally all over the egg. The shape of the egg makes it easy for the bird to rotate the egg without damaging it.
This is why the chicken egg is oval and not any other shape.

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