Do You Know Which Is The Most Abundant Element In The Earth’s Atmosphere?

When asked people about the most abundantly available element in earth’s atmosphere, they tend to say it is either oxygen or carbon dioxide. But in reality the most abundant element present in earth atmosphere is NITROGEN. Though oxygen is the most essential gas it is the nitrogen which has higher position in the earth atmosphere.

Nitrogen makes around 78.084% of total elements of earth. This means it is four times abundant than oxygen or hydrogen. And just not in earth surface but nitrogen is the seventh most abundantly found element in the universe. In the existence of solar radiation the nitrogen will be quiet stable. All these factors combine to make nitrogen the most commonly found element.

What is the history of nitrogen?


A Scottish physicist named Rutherford discovered nitrogen element in 1977. The chemical abbreviation of nitrogen is N, with atomic number 7 and atomic mass number 14. It is present as a diatomic gas in atmosphere. Nitrogen occurs in various other forms too. For example it is present in the form of ammonia, uric acids etc. all these are the compositions of nitrogen.

The fusion reaction occurring in stars led to the formation of nitrogen element 300000 years ago. According to research the scientists have stated that nitrogen was in solid form initially, after the formation of earth due to high temperature and heat nitrogen melted. Then the natural calamities like volcanos caused the liquid nitrogen to heat up and emit nitrogen gas atoms. The natural phenomenon causes variations in the composition. So when lightning strikes the nitrogen atoms they form nitrate compound. The dry weight of plant matter is nitrogen.

Thought the earth atmosphere has 78% of nitrogen the plants cannot directly access it. So the plants will have legumes in its roots which converts the atmospheric nitrogen to nitrates and other compounds for the use of plants. The abundant presence of nitrogen makes it suitable in many fields.

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