What Is Our Universe Made Up Of?


God is the creator of universe, is what most of the people believe. When asked, what universe is made up of, you tend to get different answers from different people. Everyone has their own way of explaining the existence theory.


Have you ever thought why we are living? What is that making our lives? What are we made up of? What our universe is made up of? Well, it’s quiet fascinating to know about all these. The most inquisitive question among people is, what our universe is made up of?


According to physicists universe is made up of protons neutrons and electrons. These protons, neutrons and electrons are bound together to form atom. Astrophysicists tell that universe is made up of atoms. Yes, universe has atoms. But it is just not made up of atoms. Atoms are a small part of our universe. Until Three decades astronomers thought the universe is nothing but atoms. It is only in the recent times that they discovered evidences which proved universe consists of something more beyond atoms. There is some matter in universe, which is not visible. From 40 years, this is the dilemma they faced in determining the basics and building blocks of universe.

Universe consists of three types of substance: normal matter, dark matter and dark energy. Normal matter is made up of atoms. These atoms together form planets, stars, human beings, gasses and every other visible objects present in this universe. Mathematically speaking the universe contains 70% is Dark energy, 25% is Dark matter and the remaining 5% is Normal matter. Quiet astonishing right? We now know what normal matter is, but the curiosity is what dark energy and dark matter is?


Dark matter: It accounts for second major part of the universe and came into existence in 1933. It occupies 25% of universe. It is a hypothetical kind of matter which cannot be seen by any means. The theoretical and mathematical calculations provided an evidence for existence of the “Dark matter”. Dark matter neither absorbs nor emits light or any other electromagnetic radiations.

The gravitational force effect spins the galaxies faster. Measurement of this effect show the existence of dark matter, this helped in approximating the density of this dark matter though we cannot directly observe it.



Dark energy:  It approximates for 70% of the universe. It is a property of space. An unknown form of energy hypothesized to permeate space is often attributed to dark energy. It seems to be associated with vacuum in space. This energy is inclining towards the expansion of the universe. The two proposed forms of dark energy are scalar fields and cosmological constants. Since 1990’s the dark energy hypothesis is used to explain thesis indicating the universe is expanding. The cosmological is expressed equivalent to vacuum energy. Since the change in scalar field may be extremely slow, it is difficult to distinguish cosmological contents.


We human beings are a part of small world of universe called the atom world. So universe is beyond our knowledge and existence.

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