Ultimate Guide About The Uses Of Nitrogen

Nitrogen as available in the environment cannot be used in used in any application. So the nitrogen cycle enables the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen to its various compounds. Nitrogen is used in many fields such as:-

  • Plant life: Nitrogen is very essential element for the plant’s growth. There are group of plants called leguminous plants which use the nitrogen from atmosphere. Legume plants like beans plant, alfalfa have nitrogen converting bacteria in their roots. These bacteria convert the nitrogen available in the atmosphere into their compounds. These formed compounds are used by plants as essential nutrition for growth.


  • Medicine: Nitrogen is largely used in the medicines. Virtually it is used in almost all the pharmacological drugs. Anaesthetics mainly contains nitrogen. It is also used for preserving blood, sperm, egg and other biological specimens. The popularly known laughing gas is also made of nitrogen.


  • Military purpose: Liquid nitrogen is a very popularly used coolant. Nitrogen tanks are used as power sources. Due to lack of moisture it is used in aircrafts and also used to fill air in tiers, but only the non-metal form is suitable for this purpose. Since it has an excellent cooling effects it is used in military aircrafts fuel system to encounter any fire hazards.


  • Bulbs: nitrogen along with argon is used in manufacturing incandescent bulbs.


  • Industries: Nitrogen’s high melting point makes it an efficient coolant. It is widely used in industrial machineries to remove all the excess heat and to maintain them in condition. It is also used for destroying liquid toxics. It is used in steel production industries and for high voltage equipment.


  • Explosives: nitrogen in its compound nitrogen triiodide is very reactive. It gives a vigorous reaction when mixed with other elements in the atmosphere. Some other compounds like trinitrotoluene (TNT), ammonium nitrate are used in explosives.


  • Preservative: Nitrogen is used as preservative too. It is used in processed food to prevent oxidation of food materials.


  • Fertilisers: As we know that nitrogen plays vital role in the plant growth. Not all the plants will be able to use nitrogen from atmosphere. So these nitrogen compounds in the form of manure are used in the fertilisers.


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