Twisted Horned Markhor


Markhor is a type of wild goat found in Pakistan, Kashmir, southern parts of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. . Makhor means snake in Persian. . And Makhor is the national animal of Pakistan. This animal has a twisted horns which look like snake. This led to naming of this animal as Makhor

Untill 2015 it had been marked as endangered and now it has been listed as near threatened species. At this period of time there are only about 2000 to 3000 Makhors remaining. Huge destruction of habitat has led to the endangerment of this animal.


Markhor weighs about 40-110 Kgs on average and is about 65 to 150 cm tall. Their tail is around 3.2 to 8 inches. They have long twisted spiral horns. But these horns are longer in males and shorter in females. This is the key factor distinguishing between male and female Markhor. The body is covered with thick white hair along the spine and brown black hair in the remaining of the body, the chin slightly longer hair than the rest of the body hair. The skin is very thick for extra protection. Female Markhor are slightly shorter than males. And have point straight black hair. They normally stand on their hind legs


These goats are typically found in the higher mountain ranges which are about 600-3600m higher altitude. They avoid low temperature conditions and deep snows. So during winters they move down the altitudes. They commonly move around in small herds.

Food Habits

These special goats are vegetarians generally feeding upon grass, leaves and vegetables available terrain mountain regions. They usually go long distance along the mountains for grazing. And fodders for about 8-12 hours a day.


Markhor matting is mostly during winters. They mature when they are 18-30 months. Pregnancy period is about 135-170 days. They give birth to one or two young ones at a time. The just born Makhors are protected by its mother for about 5 to 6 months. Markhor has an average life span of 12-13 years.


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