The journey through galaxy By Shruthi Sunil

I wake up in the morning not to the screams of my mom asking me to get ready for school, but surrounded by darkness which is illuminated by the twinkling stars. Isn’t it wonderful, I used to wonder each and every time I see those beautiful stars.

I am Charlie Carson, the one and only son of Alex Carson and Julie Carson. I am thin, pale, and have messed up hair, and loves observing things. I always wanted to become a space researcher.

I got ready for school, ate breakfast. I put my socks and shoes on and waved bye to my parents and walked away.

I usually use the shortcut to school but as some construction is going on I have to use the long route. But that was not my problem. Tom Benjamin and lily Dominic, the most aggressive people in the history of most aggressive people live there. I crossed my fingers and moved along.

I moved faster so that I could get to school as soon as possible, but as expected, Tom and Lily was standing there. I was too late, their eyes spotted me. I had to run, but they were seniors and was catching up with me. I reached the main road.

I had no idea what to do. Then suddenly across the street, I saw an old building. People say that the building is haunted but right now there is no time to think. I have to go in there to escape Tom and Lily. I crossed the road and went in. it’s strange that the door is not locked. I saw Tom and Lily wandering around the house. They are too scared to get in. After some time they went away.

I am not going to get out of the house unless and until Tom and Lily reaches school. I look around the house. It was not as haunted as I thought it was. It was a pleasant place and I guess I am in the sitting room. Nobody ever mentioned to me about the owner of this house and the real past behind it being haunted. I will have to find out.

I wandered around the sitting room. I saw a family photo of a man who looks so fond with his wife and a son. All of them smiling at the camera. But, the man was looking all tired and worn out although he was smiling at the camera.

I went to a room. A huge picture was hanging just above the was the family. On the table behind the bed was photo of them in which it was written, Steven, Emily and Henry Evan. The room also had another room wide open. I thought it was attached washroom but it was not.

It was a huge and wide room in which cables were hanging. It was filled with dust and burn smell. Something terrible must have happened in this room. It was a big research room. I guess Mr. Steven’s job is to research about something. There was a bulletin board at the side in which may pin points and printouts of some radio connections and galaxies were there. I guess he was a space researcher.

Suddenly, I heard a big bang. It was from a machine which was kept in the middle of the room. Many electrical shocks and sparks were coming out of it. It stopped all of a sudden and something in the right of the room lighted up. It was another door. But it is not made up of wood. It is a door made many electrical stuffs. I want to know what’s inside the door.

I moved towards the door slowly with my school bag. I touched the handle of the door. I tried to open it but again sparks were again coming out. I jumped back. Again I went and opened. The door opened with a loud creak. The sparks were louder this time. Before, that machine explodes I went inside the door.

I closed my eyes and when I opened I was in a room with mirrors around me. I am scared of mirrors. There was a door next to me. I kept wondering why there are many doors. I opened it with much lesser fear because there is no machine to explode this time. I opened it and I was completely shocked.

HUMANS!!! Humans all around me. I was expecting aliens. But then something strange was there. This is not earth. I looked up at the sky and I saw a ringed planet. SATURN!!! I now realized that I am in one of the moons of Saturn. At least, I hope it is. But if I was in one of the moons of Saturn, how come I am not floating. Everything is weird here.

Suddenly, I heard a big horn and all the humans or whatever they are, started running here and there. They were hiding. A child was running towards me. He was masked. He caught my hand and took me to a house. The house looked like a human house except for more advanced technology.

Hey there, I am henry.” He says as he removes his mask

Its’s the same guy I saw in the family photo

Who are you and which colony are you from?” he asks

I … I am kinda new here.” He kept staring at me

And then he says “mom… dad… we have a visitor.”

Yes dear, coming.” Says a male voice

What have you done now, gentleman?” says his mom

I didn’t do anything. I found a guy when the vanish horn was horned. Seems like this guy is from some other colony.” Henry says

Hello” says the male voice “you look too young to wander around when the vanish horn is horned. By the way, I am Steven. Who are you?”

I am Charlie, and I am not from any colony. I have no idea what’s going on.” I said

I narrated the whole story how I came here and they all were shocked to hear that I came from their home.

Oh my god! That machine actually works!” Mr. Steven says

Please tell me what’s going on here. I wanna go back to my home.”I said

They narrated me a story. They said that Mr. Steven invented a teleporter which could transport us anywhere in this galaxy. But then one day when he was working sparks came from the machine and when Mrs. Emily and Henry came in, the electrical door sucked them in and they reached here. When they reached here, they found out that many people already invented that machine and came here.

Then they came to know that, they are people ruling this planet and they get the radio wave of any teleporter that is made in earth. They captures the people and put them in to colonies. There are 5 colonies with 15 families each. All these families are scientists. These ruling people are called the ventars and they are capturing the scientists because their leader’s daughter, Madylin was killed in such a teleporter. So the leader, Marlovo Whitmark, started capturing the people who made the teleporter anywhere in the world.

I am literally shocked because they say that the people won’t get old in this planet. One day, in this planet is equal to many years in earth. They also said that, only a person, who came here without inventing a teleporter, can take all these people back to earth. They gave me a mattress to sleep on. But I can’t sleep because I am the one.

I woke up, hoping that I had a nightmare. But that was not true. Something inside me feels stronger and I am determined to get these people back to earth.

hey Charlie, had a goodnight sleep?” henry asked

I grinned at him.

So, what are you planning? As I asked yesterday, can you get us out of this place?” Mr. Steven asks

Yes. I am and I will.” I replied

He smiled at me which meant thank you.

That evening, all four of us were sitting at the dining table. Mr. Steven told me that we have to plan something to go back to earth quickly because the ventars are planning to kill the people by tomorrow evening so that they can move on to earth and make profit out of the transporter.

The only way to get out is to press the vacuum button in the deepest halls of the ventar’s main office which is highly secured.” Mr. Steven said

I somehow got the blueprint of their building. Now, we need your help Charlie.” Mrs. Emily said

Dad can guide you till the entrance of the building. The nearest one to the vacuum. We can’t get inside the building. Only the ones whose name is not registered into the blacklist can enter that place. We all are blacklisted and it will be easier for you because they don’t even know that you are in this planet.” Henry said

So, are you ready?” Mr. Steven asked me

Yes” I replied

We reached the entrance.

Only less ventars will be there in there because their great execution plan is held today. If you get caught, you can use this gun, it will make them unconscious.” Mr. Steven says handing over a gun to me.

Be quick with your movements but take your time. You should not be too late or else…..” Mr. Steven stopped there.

I will try my best. I won’t let anything happen to you all.” I replied

I glanced at him and went through the door. The door opened as I had the worker’s id of Mr. Steven. It was dark in there. I used my torch to see the blueprint. The vacuum is just one floor beneath me. I can take the stairs or the elevator. The stairs are near but it is long. It worth a try. I went to the stairs, unlocked the door with the worker’s id. I started cling down.

It was dark and spooky. I hoped everything to be okay. I was half way down and I heard some voice. I took out the gun. As expected it was ventars. It was dark so they can’t see me. They came nearer. Before they spot me I shot them. Two of them were there.

I continued to walk down. I reached and half an hour got over. I have to be faster. I opened the door and I saw the vacuum. But, the problem is, it is highly secured. I have to think quickly and cleverly. I took out the powder which Mrs. Emily sent me and blew it. As expected, lasers appeared. Now I have to cross them slowly. I crossed them in 15 minutes.

I reached the box in which the vacuum button is placed. Now, I have to find the password to open it. I have got only one shot. What can the password be?

Yes of course!! It’s Madylin. Marlovo did this because of his daughter’s death. I went to the keypad and typed Madylin.

I heard a small click. And then sparks started coming out of this button. And BOOM!! The place lit up with white light. I hit on something and falls down.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mr. Steven, Mrs. Emily, Henry, my mom and dad was standing there looking at me. I looked around and saw that I am in an hospital. I saved them!!

Thankyou.” said Mr. Steven with a grin

I grinned at him back. “What happened to Marlovo?” I asked

They got him arrested.” Henry replied

And this was the great adventure of me who saved many people’s life.

Author Details

Name – Shruthi Sunil.

Class – 9th

Indian International School LLC, Sarjah.


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