The Boomerang Nebula, The Coldest Object In The Universe?

Our universe is no less than a surprise to us. There is always something or the other in our Universe to amaze you. Every time I get to encounter new things associated with our universe it has always left me awestruck. One such fascinating things are Boomerang Nebula. Yes Boomerang nebula is no less than awesome part of our universe.Boomerang Nebula

Boomerang Nebula is the coldest object present in our universe. Basically it is a star or planetary nebula which is about 5,000 light years away from earth. The temperature in Boomerang nebula is -272 to 457 degree Celsius. It is in a planetary nebula phase evolving from a star system.

Boomerang nebula was first discovered by a group of Australian astronomers in the year 1980 using a huge ground base telescope. When this team of astronomers looked at it appeared like a boomerang. And this how it got its name as Boomerang Nebula. It was categorised as pre planetary nebula because this star is nearing to its death. The dying process happens something like a formation of red giant mass and eventually it grows colder and colder by giving out all the gases present in it. At present Boomerang nebula is in the third stage that is a stage where all the gases and other minute particles are given out. But yet nothing to relax of as there are chances of it to become a chunk of shinning mass. This chunk ball is very much smaller and it remains shining bright due to the UV rays and its phenomenon.

How did they realise this?

Another team of astronomers, during their study happened to notice this weird symmetry of this nebula. This pulled their attention to have deeper look at it. They watched it using a radio telescope setup in Chile. As their study started they sensed that there was something strange about this Boomerang nebula. So find out what it was, they compared the radiation signals of the empty places in the space with the signals from the carbon monoxide gas emission of Boomerang. That is when they noticed the temperature difference. Boomerang had lesser temperature than the surrounding universe. It was then declared as the coolest place in universe.

It is quiet logical for it to be cold as it is in the end of its life stage. With all the expansion and giving out of gases and particles the atmosphere temperature eventually drops. This gaseous expansion is happening at a very faster rate like about 164 km/sec. If it continues to expand in this rate then it will reach it peak life time or death very soon. Due this expansion over time it now does not look like a Boomerang at all. The recent images taken like a decade ago show that Boomerang appearing in a bow shaped structured. But the closer view of it evidently showed that it was circular mass and the bow shaped was due to light emitted from its radiations.Nebula

After a few years the same might happen with our sun too. It can turn out to become extremely cold due to the expansion of gases.

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