I had been praying to god that I wanted to explore around the universe because I am interested in this field. I love space science. One night, in my dream, came the god who said me “My child, I know you are very interested to explore the universe. So to fulfill your wish, I will make you an astronaut and transform on the surface of the moon and I will give you a special spacecraft. It will be very fast and can travel anywhere all around universe. But be careful about meteoroids and comets. ENJOY!!!!!! ” he said and vanished.
I got once, rubbed my eyes, yawned and said “what a dream it was!” and got off my bed. But to my surprise I was on the surface of the moon!? And what about myself? I was transformed into an astronaut! It was real what god had told in my dream and fulfilled my desire. I jumped with joy and thanked the god for fulfilled my desire. “YAAHOO!” I cried. But suddenly I remembered of my spacecraft. “Where is that spacecraft, that the god had mentioned in my dream?”
As I Was Thinking the spacecraft came and landed on the surface, a quite far from me. I was excited and got upon the spacecraft and began to explore. The spacecraft zoomed in the air and so fast that made me very happy and was excited on my first adventurous journey. I passed over the Jupiter which was the biggest and heaviest planet in our solar system. It was so enormous to see and looked like monster. And the next I saw the Saturn which looked very beautiful because of its rings .I took photograph of Saturn and went ahead. I thought taking some diamonds from the Uranus but I did not wanted to waste my precious I overcame the next two planets, Neptune and Pluto.
I had to pass the Kupier Belt to go outside my solar system. The asteroids came towards me. First I tried to control but the came in a force that I thought it was going to hit my spacecraft. I couldn’t control the spacecraft and turned on the auto- pilot mode. The spacecraft controlled itself whereas I was thrown here and there. I waddled and went to my seat and putting the seat belt and sat comfortably.
“What huge the meteoroids are!” I exclaimed. Then I set off the auto – pilot mode. I went to explore the big galaxy, The Andromeda Galaxy. Our galaxy is Milky Way Galaxy also known as Akash Ganga. By the way from far, Andromeda galaxy looked like spiral in shape and red in color. “How many celestial bodies it had and million of and billions of stars it has” I said. I saw one of the planets glowing and suddenly stopped glowing. “ what miracle is this !???” I said to myself.
As I was thinking a meteor came and hit the spacecraft. It turned round and round and with a crashed on the planet. Inside I was protected by the airbags. I got off the spacecraft feeling nervous. The planet was fully bare. The land was greenish black. As I was seeing tiny little elves riding on a medium sized two head with one body creatures started attacking me. I told them to stop this and introduced all about myself and from where did I come. Then they treated me as their guest. And they told me a story, “Once our planet was same as our planet earth. Its name is NADFOR-Z. We had plants, water, air, animals and humans. Humans depended on themselves but we are independent and do not depend on them. We lived comfortably. But the human beings became greedy and started to cut trees to set their land. They built factories released dirty air and sewage water into the water bodies. The reduced day by day and water slowly started to dry up. Then one day there was nothing left and humans and animals soon died because of lack of air and water.”
“If this happens to your planet the same will happen like us .Don’t cut trees save the trees” they told me. By that way my spacecraft had been repaired by them. I thanked them and set off to my planet, earth.
A soon as I landed on the surface of the Earth I came to my original form and transformed to my house. The little elves passed a good message and I loved the journey very much.

Author’s Details
Name – Prateek Bhat.
Class – 6th
School – Shree Bharathi Vidyalaya, Vijaynagar , Bangalore.


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