6 Proven Techniques For Fast And Effective Learning


Learning is going to be effective and useful only when the learnt subject can be replicated effectively. Memory issues are the most common problem faced by people now a days.  Even though we feel we know it, recalling would become a greatest challenge. That is when people get stressed out and feel humiliated. So here are few techniques to overcome this complication. Improving your memory is not at all difficult it can be achieved by regular practice. So what does memory mean?

Memory is nothing but your brain, your memory lies inside your brain. A healthy life style is an indication of strong memory. So physical exercising also has enormous impact, engaging our brain by doing few brain storming sessions or reading puzzles, novels etc.  These techniques involve some short cut methods or some analogies which are proven to be very helpful to overcome this problem. The below are list of techniques which works out excellently for good memory.


  • Focus: Concentration and emphasis on particular work or topic is the first step to overcome memory issues. By multitasking we may end up in a situation wherein all the tasks remain incomplete. Paying attention to one task is very important because brain needs time to register and put into code. When you attempt many things at a time it fails to register and end up with trouble. Therefore it is always better to concentrate on one thing and give some time for our memory to encode it.
  • Rhyming and rhymes: The humans have tendency to remember things which are unusual or which makes them feel happy. That is why we remember the poem and rhymes learnt in our childhood days.

Here the technique is to organise and create something like a rhyme with a rhythm and keep repeating it often. And you will notice the improvement day by day.

  • Bed time recital is a technique which is proven to have a great effect on children especially. This is technique wherein we repeat and recite the study matter. According to psychologist when a person thinks a lot about some problem or some issue it is more likely to get solution the next day. Write down things, read it aloud twice or thrice and try to recollect. Keep doing it every night, eventually it becomes a habit.
  • Learn it by picturising: Just by hearting without any logic may lead to hitches and lot of confusion. This is commonly seen in students who do nth moment studying. When you just mug it up as it is there is very less chances of recalling the matter, you may end up missing out few things which in turn panics you. Hence the best way is to have some logic or rather visualise things while studying. According to research it is proven that visual learning has immense effect on the memory.
  • Mnemonics: Mnemonics is nothing but the short form method of remembering phrases, formulas, reactions or some names. Just by recalling this mnemonics the entire thing behind that comes into our head. It is one of the best technique for proficient memory recalling. This is works wonders for kids.
  • Stress Reduction: There are wide range of research being done which proves that extensive stress causes trauma where you lose the ability to register, decode and recall. This causes a massive effect on the memory power. Stress causes increase heart beat and breathing rate, the increased breathing cause decline in brain body coordination. By controlling the breath you are able to control the brain nerves that impacts on the registering ability of brain. You can overcome this kind of stress by meditating, reading novels, listening to soothing music and by doing things which you are happy doing of.

Hence forth all the mentioned practices help you to increase your memory power.


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