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Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Alpha Centauri The Closest Star System

A clear sky with stars all around, isn’t that beautiful to see? The black and clean sky filled with diamond like sparkling and twinkling stars is something that no person can stop admiring. It is indeed, one of the most beautiful views of nature. The size of the Universe is beyond our imagination. Our earth is just a very small part of it. From the earth, we see uncountable stars around. It is impossible to count them. The stars in the sky look very small. But in real, these tiny looking stars are million times bigger than what we actually

The Boomerang Nebula, The Coldest Object In The Universe?

Our universe is no less than a surprise to us. There is always something or the other in our Universe to amaze you. Every time I get to encounter new things associated with our universe it has always left me awestruck. One such fascinating things are Boomerang Nebula. Yes Boomerang nebula is no less than awesome part of our universe. Boomerang Nebula is the coldest object present in our universe. Basically it is a star or planetary nebula which is about 5,000 light years away from earth. The temperature in Boomerang nebula is -272 to 457 degree Celsius. It is

How Was The Earth Formed?

Ever wondered how big the Universe could be? The universe is beyond our imagination! So big that we can’t even think of it. Earth is the only planet in Solar system that supports life. Our planet Earth is like a very small star in a very big sky. No other planet has the favourable environment which would help in the survival of living beings. In this big Universe, there might be some planet somewhere already existing or being evolved which would have the living conditions for existence of life. As far as the knowledge of human mind, till date, earth

How Does The Surface Of The Sun Look Like

A saffron colored ball high up on the sky catching the attention of everyone, soothing the eye and giving peace to the mind. The saffron ball is nothing but the sun. Sunset and sunrise are the most beautiful views which the nature has gifted to the lives on planet Earth. No one can deny the fact that the beauty of nature is mesmerising and the sun adds on to the charm of nature.it is worth admiring! Ever since the Earth was born, the people are seeing the sun. In fact, the sun is there in the Universe long before the

The Truth Behind Shooting Stars?

“Look, there is a shooting star! Let’s wish for something”. This is what everyone’s reaction is after they see a bright streak of light passing through the sky. Ever since the olden times, the shooting stars were considered as something that could fulfil their wishes and make their dreams come true. Even today, when we see a star falling from the sky, we close our eyes and wish for something expecting it to be fulfilled. But science is everywhere around us. Then how can there be no scientific reason behind these bright shooting stars! Not everyone knows this but these

What Is Our Universe Made Up Of?

God is the creator of universe, is what most of the people believe. When asked, what universe is made up of, you tend to get different answers from different people. Everyone has their own way of explaining the existence theory. Have you ever thought why we are living? What is that making our lives? What are we made up of? What our universe is made up of? Well, it’s quiet fascinating to know about all these. The most inquisitive question among people is, what our universe is made up of? According to physicists universe is made up of protons neutrons

What Is Dark Energy?

Universe consists of three types of substance: normal matter, dark matter and dark energy. Normal matter is made up of atoms. These atoms together form planets, stars, human beings, gasses and every other visible objects present in this universe. Mathematically speaking the universe contains 70% is Dark energy, 25% is Dark matter and the remaining 5% is Normal matter. Quiet astonishing right? We now know what normal matter is, but the curiosity is about dark energy. What exactly is dark energy? In astrophysics Dark energy is, unknown form of energy. It is a hypothesised as a part of space which

How big is the Universe?

Universe is big is a well-known fact. But when it comes to being big, how big? How is it measured? It is big with reference to what? Is universe really infinite? There should always be a reference point which helps infer how big our universe is. If our universe is infinite then why is it termed as big? Scientists have proposed that universe is expanding. The size of universe includes the number of elements existed in that and their sizes. The distances between objects in space are way beyond your imagination. The reference with which the universe is measured is