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Have you ever wondered how your TV remote works? How is that you are able to switch channels being seated at a place? It is always so fascinating to learn about the devices you use in daily life, isn’t it? The link between the TV and the remote is the infrared rays. If there is any obstacle in the path of this IR rays, the instrument does not function.           How is Infrared used in communication? Infrared (IR) communication allows devices to communicate with each other in a short-range. Infrared or IR as the name goes

9 Misleading Facts You Were Made to Believe About Inventors And Their Inventions

As we hear the word inventions and scientists there a set of people who instantly strike our mind. Scientists like Einstein, Edison, Newton, Wright brothers and many others are quite often remembered. And this is how we have been thought from childhood too. But the reality is, it’s just not one person’s effort, instead it requires a lot of combined efforts of many people working together. It is always the last person who publishes gets the credit. This has happened with many of the famous inventions also. Here are some of the most famous inventions for which the right person