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Does Jupiter protect Earth?

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and because of that its gravitational pull is also very high. Because of its high gravitational force, Jupiter has done many favors to our planet. It helps to keep asteroids away from bombarding to Earth, and protects our planet. One French scientist called Pierre-Simon Laplace found that a comet which was heading towards earth’s surface got into Jupiter’s gravitational field and got expelled from earth’s direction. Like this Jupiter act as a protector of our planet and our lives. Jupiter is the fifth planet, if we consider the distance from Sun.

Living on Earth and being in Deep Space – The Gravity of the Situation

Picture Credits: Warner Bros. (Gravity, 2013)   Ever wondered? Most of the Universe is pretty empty — that’s why we call it “space” — Lol, sounds literal, right? But most of us have not thought about it that way. If I were to magically transport you someplace randomly in the cosmos, the chances are you’d be a million light years from the nearest substantial object. Evolving on a planet has warped our sense of physics. If I throw an object away from me, it comes back. That’s bizarre! It should just keep going, moving away from me at a constant

What Aryabhatta described about Elliptical path of Planetary Motion.

Shloka: Trinabhicakramajaramanrvam yatreama visvabhuvanani tasthuh I Meaning: The elliptical path through which all the celestial bodies move is Eternal and unslacken. Source: Rg-veda Samhita, Mandalam 1, Suktam 164, Mantra 2(6000 BCE) The above shloka talks about the final rites of Agnihotri (a person performing fire sacrifice as a daily ritual) Aryabhatta also proposed the theory of elliptical path of Planets. Shloka: Yada Te Haryataa Hari Vaavridhate Divedive Vishwa Bhuvani Aditte Yemir Meaning: All planets remain stable because as they come closer to sun due to attraction, their speed of coming closer increases proportionately. Source: Rig Veda Samhita, Mandalam 8, Suktam

10 Surprising facts about our Solar System you probably didn’t know!

Our Solar system is a magical box with full of mysteries. Do you think you know everything about our Solar system? Well, it has lot of surprising facts concealed in it. And here are some of the astonishing facts about our Solar system which you are probably unaware of. Mercury is not the hottest planet Since our initial school days we have been taught that Mercury is the hottest planet as it is close to sun compared to any other planets. But reality is that, Venus, the second nearest planet to the Sun is the hottest planet of our solar