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Untold Story Of The Dark Lady Of DNA- Rosalind Franklin

Many discoveries and scientists remain unnoticed by the world. Rosalind Franklin is one of those scientists that did not get right credits for her work. Well, even before knowing more about her work let us rewind and unfold her life story. Rosalind Franklin was born on July 25th 1920 in London. Her family was much involved in both social and public works. Franklin’s father also aimed at becoming a scientist but unfortunately he could not continue his studies and ended up being a teacher in working men’s college. At the age of 15 only Rosalind Franklin decide that she would

Andre Michellin: From smooth rides to savouring flavours.

The world of automobile is moving forward with many inventions and advancements, but one of the most important things that supported your vehicle through thick and thin were the tires or tyres as the British call it. The word “tire” is of French origin which comes from the word tirer, to pull, which refers to the iron hoops or thick wires bound to the carriage wheels. In French blacksmithing the word for a drawn iron rod is tirer. Another etymology is provided by the online etymology dictionary which said that “tire” was short form of the word “attire”, like a wheel’s attire. In 1889, a