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Know more about Solar Eclipse, What When And How

An eclipse is an astronomical event that happens when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another. Our earth experiences two types of eclipses namely solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.   When does the Solar Eclipse Occur?   Solar eclipse occurs when the moon is in between the planet and also the Sun. There are three types of solar eclipses namely total, annular and partial. Total solar eclipses occur when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest a part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth. Annular solar eclipses occur when the Moon covers the Sun’s center, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to

ADITI PANT: The First Indian Women to Reach Antartica Region

In the ancient times, women were considered inferior to men. Women were expected to stay within the four walls of the house and to take care of the family. With the changing time, the position of women also changed in the society. But this change was the result of a lot of struggle and efforts of some great women like Smt. Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Anne Besant, etc. One among such women who made a position for themselves in the world of history is Dr. Aditi Pant. She was the first Indian woman to visit the farthest corner of the

ANNA MANI: A Great Women Meteorologist of India

India has always been a land rich in culture, traditions, customs, religions etc. It is a land with unity in diversity. This diverse nation is also famous worldwide for the vast knowledge in all the fields that India has. Not only in art, has architecture and literature, India had people who are brainiac in the fields of mathematics, science, astrology, cosmology etc. India is mostly a male dominated society where the male members are considered as head of everything whereas females were expected to get married and take care of the home. Since ancient times, scientists like Varahamihira, Aryabhatta, etc.

Solving the simple mysteries of Science in our Daily lives!

We all are well aware that every day and every minute we are surrounded by Science. But, seldom people make an effort to know what the hidden science behind daily life happenings is. And am sure you will be just amazed to know the science behind these everyday things. Why does egg harden on boiling? Egg contains 33 percent fat and 67 percent protein in it. This protein rich egg white causes the egg to harden when boiled. But why does it happen so? When eggs are heated the proteins in the egg white are unfolded due to break of

Hubble Space Telescope: A Fantastic Aid For Viewing Outer Space!

Have you ever thought how does the universe look? Do you think we can view whole of the space just with the help of a Telescope? It is highly impossible to view the outer space with a Telescope. Ever since the launch of satellites, rockets etc., it has become possible to take images from the space. When Galileo used to view objects from his ground telescope, he always had an urge to view deeper. But a deeper insight was not possible with his Telescope and that is when scientists decided to launch telescopes into space. Hubble space Telescope was a telescope

HARISH CHANDRA and His Love For Mathematics

The word mathematics is like a dangerous monster for some people. Many of the students who consider mathematics as their enemy would have thought that the subject mathematics should never have existed. But in this world of billions of population, there are many who not only love mathematics but take it up as their career. Harish Chandra was one among such people in the olden times who was a well-known mathematician. Not only did he like the subject mathematics, but also made significant contributions to the world of mathematics which is undoubtedly praiseworthy. Harish Chandra was born on 11th of

The Amazing Physics of Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the high adrenaline rush and adventurous act which involves lot of physics and calculations. In this act the bungee jumper jumps from a tall building or a bridge and then vertically falls down. The jumper is then pulled back after the elastic bungee cord slows down and stops. Bungee jumping is definitely extremely thrilling and a mind blowing experience and at the same time, very dangerous too! Even a small miscalculation can lead to severe injuries and death of the jumper. Why is it called as ‘Bungee’? ‘Bungee’ means elastic rope and since this activity

How is Photo therapy a cure for Neonatal Jaundice?

Neonatal Jaundice, also known as neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is a condition occurring when an infant has high bilirubin in blood. In this condition the affected new born will have yellowing of skin, from face extending to chest along with yellow colouration of eye. What causes Neonatal Jaundice? Jaundice in the new born is mainly caused by increased Bilirubin Production and decreased Bilirubin clearance. Here are the conditions which leads to neonatal Jaundice: When the baby is in womb, bilirubin from the baby’s body is removed by the placenta. But after birth, baby’s liver does this job. Sometimes it may not be

Is Smart Helmet A safety Innovator?

Smart reality helmets will be an extra eye for the riders of two wheelers. This unique helmet gives a 360 degree view of the road which enables the rider to be extra safe. This optical element is connected to smart devices via the Bluetooth, which in turn gives the complete route map of the complete journey. This device can be controlled with the help of hand gestures and also with the touch pad provided near the visor. There are a lot of electronics embedded in the helmet inorder to give a precise view of the surrounding. What are the components

Sci-Fi turned Reality with the Invention of Bio-engineered body parts

I remember how Luke Skywalker got a bionic arm in “Star wars”. Feels like Sci-Fi is turning to reality. It’s just amazing right! Bio-engineering deals with the use of artificially developed cells, tissue or organs in order to replace the damaged body parts. Most frequently bio-engineered body parts are limbs, arms, pacemakers, hearing aids and blood vessels. Although using bio-engineered body part is an option for replacing damaged body parts, yet, this procedure may not be available for everyone due to its high cost and unavailability in emergency situations.