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Why are Salt levels around the World’s Oceans different?

Have you been to a beach? For swimming in the sea? What is the taste of sea water? It is salty. Why is it salty? There are many chemical substances in the seawater and presence of those chemicals is the reason sea water is salty. Most of those chemicals are carried by rivers which get chemicals from rocks and soil. The major compound in sea water is sodium chloride, which is commonly known as salt. Generally, seawater has about 35 grams of salt per liter of water. Salinity of sea water is measured in parts per thousand (ppt) which tells us about

Why Do People Float On The Dead Sea

People have terrific thoughts about Dead Sea! They believe that it is the most dangerous place to visit. And a common myth is that people can’t drown in Dead Sea. But in reality, drowning will take place. The drowning does not happen in usual way as in normal waters. That is the reason people declared that, human beings float on the Dead Sea waters. There is a scientific reason for all these happenings. Do you know why it is called Dead Sea? Actually Dead Sea is not a sea but it is a lake spread over a vast region. It