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Does Jupiter protect Earth?

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and because of that its gravitational pull is also very high. Because of its high gravitational force, Jupiter has done many favors to our planet. It helps to keep asteroids away from bombarding to Earth, and protects our planet. One French scientist called Pierre-Simon Laplace found that a comet which was heading towards earth’s surface got into Jupiter’s gravitational field and got expelled from earth’s direction. Like this Jupiter act as a protector of our planet and our lives. Jupiter is the fifth planet, if we consider the distance from Sun.

Knowledge Of Electricity In Ancient India

Shloka: Samsthapyamrnmayampatramtamrapatram Susamskrtam | Chadayetsikhigrivenacardrabhihkasthapamsubhih || Meaning: After placing earthen vessel as well as the copper vessel securely, close (the vessels) with copper sulphate and sawdust, Shloka: Dastalostonidhatatvahparadacchaditastatah | Utpadayatitanmitramsamyogastamradastayoh || Meaning: Lumps of gems generate electricity by the union of copper and zinc. Shloka: Samyogajjayatetejoyanmitramitikathyate | Evamsatanamkumbhanamsamyogah Karyakrtsmrtah | Meaning: By the union, energy is born which is referred to as the sun. Such a union of hundreds of cells is remembered as the doer (of generating electricity). Shloka: Susammrsta ca subhagaghrtayonihpayodhara | Mrtkumbhisarvadagrahya… Meaning: Earthen pot, which is well cleaned, pretty, fit for storing ghee and capable of holding

Why Doesn’t Water Burn?

Imagine the Earth where there would be no water! Rivers dried up, no blue oceans across the globe, no rainfall and no fresh water, no presence of water anywhere. This thought itself sends chills down the spine! Water is one of the most important needs for survival. It is the source of livelihood. Water has end number of uses in our day to day life. Be it cooking, bathing, washing, gardening or any other domestic purposes, water is needed for everything. The whole world requires water not only for domestic but also for commercial and industrial purposes. Fire and water

Nitrogen- Imperative Part of Our DNA

Nitrogen is popularly known as most abundantly available element in earth atmosphere. Earth is large reservoir of nitrogen. It covers around up to 78% of total elements in the earth. The nitrogen available in the earth surface cannot be directly used, but it has to be converted to different forms. Nitrogen cycle is one of the most important protein cycle for the existence of different forms of life. The DNA and RNA are made up of nitrogen. So inevitably this element is very necessary for the growth of life. So there is a chain of procedures involved in the formation

Do You Know Which Is The Most Abundant Element In The Earth’s Atmosphere?

When asked people about the most abundantly available element in earth’s atmosphere, they tend to say it is either oxygen or carbon dioxide. But in reality the most abundant element present in earth atmosphere is NITROGEN. Though oxygen is the most essential gas it is the nitrogen which has higher position in the earth atmosphere. Nitrogen makes around 78.084% of total elements of earth. This means it is four times abundant than oxygen or hydrogen. And just not in earth surface but nitrogen is the seventh most abundantly found element in the universe. In the existence of solar radiation the