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Ultimate Guide About The Uses Of Nitrogen

Nitrogen as available in the environment cannot be used in used in any application. So the nitrogen cycle enables the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen to its various compounds. Nitrogen is used in many fields such as:- Plant life: Nitrogen is very essential element for the plant’s growth. There are group of plants called leguminous plants which use the nitrogen from atmosphere. Legume plants like beans plant, alfalfa have nitrogen converting bacteria in their roots. These bacteria convert the nitrogen available in the atmosphere into their compounds. These formed compounds are used by plants as essential nutrition for growth. Medicine: Nitrogen

Facts about nitrogen

The first and foremost thing that strikes our mind when we think about nitrogen is that it is the abundantly found element in the earth environment. And it is the fourth largest abundantly found element in this universe. Chemical structure and composition of nitrogen element Atomic symbol N Atomic number 7 Atomic mass number 14 Density 0.0012506 Boiling point -195.79°C Melting point -210°C Number of isotopes 16 Valence 3 or 5 This nitrogen cycle is very essential for maintaining terrestrial balance. The nitrogen available in the atmosphere cannot be directly accessible. So the nitrogen cycle involves 5 different steps for