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10 Common Myths and Realities about Animals – You probably didn’t Know

Since our childhood we have been taught certain facts and those facts have evidently fixed in our minds. But reality is that, there are some well-known facts that are actually not true. Here we can explore ten common myths about animals that just don’t want to die. 1. Memory of goldfish is just 3 seconds People with bad memory issues are usually being compared to gold fish. But the fact is gold fish can remember beyond 3 seconds. Infact, the recent research says that gold fish can remember events upto many months or even a year. So gold fish having

6 Proven Techniques For Fast And Effective Learning

Learning is going to be effective and useful only when the learnt subject can be replicated effectively. Memory issues are the most common problem faced by people now a days.  Even though we feel we know it, recalling would become a greatest challenge. That is when people get stressed out and feel humiliated. So here are few techniques to overcome this complication. Improving your memory is not at all difficult it can be achieved by regular practice. So what does memory mean? Memory is nothing but your brain, your memory lies inside your brain. A healthy life style is an