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Knowledge Of Electricity In Ancient India

Shloka: Samsthapyamrnmayampatramtamrapatram Susamskrtam | Chadayetsikhigrivenacardrabhihkasthapamsubhih || Meaning: After placing earthen vessel as well as the copper vessel securely, close (the vessels) with copper sulphate and sawdust, Shloka: Dastalostonidhatatvahparadacchaditastatah | Utpadayatitanmitramsamyogastamradastayoh || Meaning: Lumps of gems generate electricity by the union of copper and zinc. Shloka: Samyogajjayatetejoyanmitramitikathyate | Evamsatanamkumbhanamsamyogah Karyakrtsmrtah | Meaning: By the union, energy is born which is referred to as the sun. Such a union of hundreds of cells is remembered as the doer (of generating electricity). Shloka: Susammrsta ca subhagaghrtayonihpayodhara | Mrtkumbhisarvadagrahya… Meaning: Earthen pot, which is well cleaned, pretty, fit for storing ghee and capable of holding

Why Doesn’t Water Burn?

Imagine the Earth where there would be no water! Rivers dried up, no blue oceans across the globe, no rainfall and no fresh water, no presence of water anywhere. This thought itself sends chills down the spine! Water is one of the most important needs for survival. It is the source of livelihood. Water has end number of uses in our day to day life. Be it cooking, bathing, washing, gardening or any other domestic purposes, water is needed for everything. The whole world requires water not only for domestic but also for commercial and industrial purposes. Fire and water

How Does The Surface Of The Sun Look Like

A saffron colored ball high up on the sky catching the attention of everyone, soothing the eye and giving peace to the mind. The saffron ball is nothing but the sun. Sunset and sunrise are the most beautiful views which the nature has gifted to the lives on planet Earth. No one can deny the fact that the beauty of nature is mesmerising and the sun adds on to the charm of nature.it is worth admiring! Ever since the Earth was born, the people are seeing the sun. In fact, the sun is there in the Universe long before the

Nuclear fusion in the Sun

Sun is well known for its extreme hotness. Nuclear fusion reaction is responsible for it. Even before we know how nuclear fusion happens in sun. Let us just understand what nuclear fusion reaction is? Nuclear fusion Nuclear fusion is nuclear reaction in which two or more nuclei combine to form a massive structure. It is an exothermic reaction. So when the collision of nuclei is happening there will be lot of reactional outcomes. Heat, light etc. are results of exothermic reactions. Generally the fusing nuclei have lower masses. So the energy released during this reaction is due to interaction between