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What regulates organ regeneration?

Our well designed systematic biological procedures has always astonished me. How it all is designed? Who is the master mind behind all these? How this system does works so perfectly? Have you ever wondered what to do if there is damage to this system? Yes, organ generation is a possible solution. But do you think all the organs can regenerate? Medical field has been taking new turns every day. Many advanced techniques, equipment and study have showed up with solutions for many problems. Infact, the medical field has battled with many acute problems like common cold, cough, infections etc. Researchers


What is lightning? Lightning is the giant spark occurring between clouds. Lightning can occur between clouds, in the clouds or between clouds and earth. The electrical charges produced due to interaction between the current and air molecules produces this light. This light path is very fast and intense. How does the lightning strike the earth? Clouds are made up of number of small water droplets. Water cycle is the main reason for the formation of these water droplets. Thunders are caused by huge clouds. A cloud looks like black-blue carpet from the ground are the huge clouds which cause lightning.

Interesting plant facts

Plants and their kingdom always have amazed us. It plays a very prominent role in food chain. Well, I don’t have to tell how important plant are. Directly or indirectly the green life has always been protecting and maintain balance of life in earth. As a source of nutrition and health and as a scavenger by purifying the gases. There are some unbelievable facts about plants. 90 percent of the foods human consume come from just 30 plants The human diet plans and ideas have been restricted only certain plants. During the early man period, more and more edible plants

History of The Earth

Earth is known as lively planet of our solar system as it has evident existence of life. It is as old as solar system. It is around 4.6 billion years ago that our solar system was formed. Solar system was formed by cloud and gas. To know history of any object or matter, we should be familiar with history of evolution. Following the path of evolution always gives apparent consequences of existence. Earth is supposed to be the safest and suitable for existence of life. It is its atmosphere, balanced proportion of gasses, magnetic field blanket that is protecting us

How big is the Universe?

Universe is big is a well-known fact. But when it comes to being big, how big? How is it measured? It is big with reference to what? Is universe really infinite? There should always be a reference point which helps infer how big our universe is. If our universe is infinite then why is it termed as big? Scientists have proposed that universe is expanding. The size of universe includes the number of elements existed in that and their sizes. The distances between objects in space are way beyond your imagination. The reference with which the universe is measured is

What is nature of gravity?

Gravity is the king of all forces. It has a big role in the creation of this universe. Sir Issac Newton is the first thing we remember when we talk about gravity. Newton has done immense contribution to the world by discovering about gravity and gravitational force. Most of the forces or scientific calculations are all being done based on gravitational force. Have you ever imagined how the world would be without gravity? The gravity is the power holding all the creatures in this world. How would plants grow? How would you do your daily activities? It feels like life

How is oil deposits formed underground?

The fossil remains, the dead and decayed matter is the main source for the oil and mineral deposits underground. All the dead plants and animals buried underground go through decomposition by the bacteria and microorganisms present deep inside the ground. All these decomposed and left over remains combine to form the oil deposits. As more and more sediments gets deposited underground the temperature and pressure causes breakdown in them. Protein, lignin and cellulose break down instantly into amino acids and sugars. The heat catalyses the reaction. Through exposure to air and water it oxidises. A small proportion of this organic

Mineral deposit

Minerals deposits are found in the deep earth crust. Ages ago people could find the minerals in the upper layers of earth. But the minerals so found were less in quantity. That is when the ancient humans came to know that minerals are found underground. So when there was more and more requirement for the minerals, people started digging the ground to find it. The ore genesis theory explains the process of formation of minerals underground. Source, transport and trap are the three main components of ore genesis. These three factors determine the amount of deposition. The large source, efficient

Future of self-driving cars

Technology has been advancing so tremendously day by day. Driver less cars are one of the latest advancements in transport sector. You would be wondering how the car will operate? Is it really possible? Well, yes it is possible. There is a lot of technology involved in it. This driver less cars are popularly known as Google cars. Well, any new product to market has both positive and negative feedbacks. Some people feel it will be a great help in future. But contradictorily others also say that such technology makes people more dependent. Yes, both the arguments are true. From

Facts about nitrogen

The first and foremost thing that strikes our mind when we think about nitrogen is that it is the abundantly found element in the earth environment. And it is the fourth largest abundantly found element in this universe. Chemical structure and composition of nitrogen element Atomic symbol N Atomic number 7 Atomic mass number 14 Density 0.0012506 Boiling point -195.79°C Melting point -210°C Number of isotopes 16 Valence 3 or 5 This nitrogen cycle is very essential for maintaining terrestrial balance. The nitrogen available in the atmosphere cannot be directly accessible. So the nitrogen cycle involves 5 different steps for