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Did You Know Reaching To Absolute Zero Temperature Is As Difficult As Attaining Speed of Light

What is the lowest temperature that you have experienced? Our body temperature is 37 degree celcius. Room temperature is lower than that which is 25 degree celcius. Fridges are generally at four degree celcius and ice forms at zero degree celcius. Can temperature go below zero degree celcius? Yes. Temperatures below zero degree celcius are generally measured in Kelvin scale where 273 K is equal to zero degree celcius. Temperature of liquid nitrogen is approaximately 70 Kelvin and liquid helium is approaximately 4 kelvin. As we decrease the temperature, there are many curious phenomena that happen which have significant effects

Thermodynamics’ Ombudsman: Rudolf Clausius

R. J. E. Clausius was born on Jan. 2, 1822, in Köslin, Pomerania. He was the sixth of 18 children of the councilor of the Royal Government School Board C. G. Clausius. He studied in his father’s schools throughout his childhood and graduated from the University of Berlin. He majored in Mathematics, Physics and History. He was famously an extremely sincere student and was well known for his ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve all problems. He got his doctorate on optical effects in the Earth’s atmosphere and explained the reason for the sky’s colour during sunset and sunrise.