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Why do the rainbow colors appear in that order?

Sunlight is consisting of multiple wavelengths of light. It includes wavelengths of light which is not visible to us, such as infrared and ultraviolet light, as well as the visible spectrum. Reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight inside water droplets in the atmosphere, causes the formation of rainbow which appears as a spectrum of light in the sky. Rainbow appears as a circular arc with various colors and it always seen in the section of sky which is directly opposite the sun. A rainbow is not a physical object and it cannot be approached. It does not exist at one

What Ancient Indian’s Knew About Optics, Lens and Rainbow Formation

Shloka: Aprapyagrahanam Kayabhrapatalasphatikantaritopalabdheh || Meaning: That which cannot be perceived (with naked eye) can be perceived with (lens made of) glass, mica or crystal. Shloka: Suryasya vividhavarnah pavanena vighaitah Karah sabhre | Viyati dhanuh samsthanah ye drsyante Tadindradhanuh || Meaning: The multi coloured rays of the sun being dispersed by wind in a cloudy sky are seen in the form of a bow which is rainbow. Source: Nyaya-darsanam, Adhyayah 3, Sutram 46, Kanadah (800 BCE), Brhat-samhita, Slokah 35, Varahamihirah (6th century AD) Ancient Theory According to ancient Indian theories the optics came into light in the early 5th – 6th