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Mould your child into a blockbuster through movies.

Read on if you have children up to age 14… Ever wondered if movie watching with children can be easily combined with introspection, value building and an enlightening learning experience for children? Watching a movie at home along with your child is less challenging as compared to other key parenting techniques like reading a book or getting a child involved in a creative game. Movies are an ever welcome activity and children are easily attracted. The reason being movies stimulate all the three vital sensory receivers for storing information in the brain; i.e. Visual, Audio and Kinaesthetic (VAK). These sensory

8 ways to build Financial Quotient in your child

It’s quite evident that, one who manages his Money matters well succeeds in life. Money management is the backbone for the success of any person, corporate or nation at large. Money management has to be taught to the children consciously. It is an excellent decision making skill. As responsible parents are we enriching our children’s mind with the right value systems towards money? Value seeding is a vital part of conscious parenting and value for money is an essential aspect of raising independent children. Over the years, as a nation, our spending culture has been restructured. Traditional theories of economics