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Edward Teller: The Father of Hydrogen Bomb.

Over the decades nothing has sparked a greater debate over the safety of the human race, than the matters related to the use of nuclear technology. The world witnessed a shocking incident in 1945 when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed taking over 129,000 lives. This remains the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare history, but the world hasn’t stopped at it, they continue to research and develop nuclear weapons for their safety. Even nuclear energy projects, if not handled carefully can be disastrous as evident from the Chernobyl Accident in 1986. Although this debate hasn’t quite suggested us

Bruce Schneier – The Security Guru.

In the early and mid 20th century an invention that was the epitome of security during the second world war, a machine known as the Enigma used by Nazi Germany. It was Alan Turing whose invention of the bomb machine made it possible to decipher the enigma codes and reduce the period of the war, but the enigma, although it had a little flaw it did take the greatest minds of Britain a long time to decipher it. And in this modern world data security has become the most important aspect of the cyber world, to protect what we know