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Germany’s Nuclear Man– Walter Bothe

Imagine that you were able to walk through a wall, what would you call yourself? A Ghost? A Magician? Now, it may sound absurd for this to be true, but in quantum physics this is something quite close to being true. But, if we were to dig deeper, these studies have helped ius understand something much more than magic, bringing us closer to our fantasies, but also rationalising it.                                 Born at Oranienberg near Berlin on January 8, 1891 Walter Bothe was not only a renowned nuclear physicist, but also an accomplished musician and a painter. After returning from Russia

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.

It is only when we think about how big our universe is and the forces out there, do we realise that we are completely at its mercy. The current human technology, with all the advancements that it has made over thousands of year stands is not yet prepared to defend itself. We can consider ourselves, that even with all the disasters and calamities, natural or otherwise, we here survive today, because the Universe has been lenient towards us. But we have got the most powerful weapon in our Arsenal, a weapon which we can use to ensure our survival and