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The J.K. Rowling of Sci-Fi : Isaac Aminov

1950-1980’s were a golden era for sci-fi writers. With the ongoing space race and constant technological innovations in astronomy, people felt a great need to truly understand space and astronomy. One of the pioneers of bridging this gap was Isaac Aminov, regarded by many to be the greatest science writers of all time. Isaac Aminov was born on January 2nd 1920 in Russia but his family migrated to U.S.A when he was 3 years old. His parents were candy store owners who sold newspapers and magazines which naturally provided him with an unending supply of reading material (and more importantly,

Thermodynamics’ Ombudsman: Rudolf Clausius

R. J. E. Clausius was born on Jan. 2, 1822, in Köslin, Pomerania. He was the sixth of 18 children of the councilor of the Royal Government School Board C. G. Clausius. He studied in his father’s schools throughout his childhood and graduated from the University of Berlin. He majored in Mathematics, Physics and History. He was famously an extremely sincere student and was well known for his ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve all problems. He got his doctorate on optical effects in the Earth’s atmosphere and explained the reason for the sky’s colour during sunset and sunrise.