Space Time Travel – The Catastrophic dimension By Bharath Prajwal B.R

The time was nine o clock pm at night. The day behind was as normal as it could have been. I, a fifteen year old boy, was going through a normal day in my life. The weather was cold and highly humid. There was a good amount of rainfall from the beginning of the month, November.

After a tiring day had been gone through, I wanted a good night sleep. So I slept on my bed with a peaceful mind and rested my body.

This was the day when I had the most important moments in my life which changed me and made me a Time Traveler. As per my daily routine, my mother used to wake me up every day, but that day it did not happen. I woke up by myself. Not only had that changed, the surrounding had also changed.

After I got up I was utterly terrified to realize that I was in middle of space with a total voidness around me. With a ton of questions in my head I went through one off the most difficult times in my life. The fact that I could breath in space puzzled me. I was extremely confused, anxious and was astonished about my situation.

Then I was faced by a sudden flash of light which was emitted from nowhere. It was then when I met Professor Paradox. He was a thin and tall figure with a lab coat and a watch clock in his hand.

Professor Paradox came from that light source. I met him for the first time then. Then after that I asked him about my situation for which he explained me in detail that what was actually happening there.

The Professor introduced himself to me that he is a Time Traveler. He had a watch clock which lets him to Time Travel. I was surprised to see a Time Traveler in front of me. Then after the introduction he started his story that, while he was on a tough time inventing the teleportation machine it was accidentally turned on and that was the reason that I was in space.

Then the big question was where was I in space? And how is that I am alive breathing in middle of vacuum? Professor said to me that we were in the Event Horizon of a Black hole where there is a confined space-time continuum which he had created where we can breathe and experience the time going slow because of Gravitational Time Dilation.

After all this brief explanation I realized that by mistake I was teleported here in the Event Horizon of a Black hole in the center of an unknown Galaxy. But the most intriguing part was how was time travel Possible?

Professor Paradox then showed his watch clock to me. It was a golden colored framed clock with many nodes. He turned one of the nodes and the watch clock emitted strong rays of light for which I closed my eyes and the next moment I opened my eyes I came to know that I returned to my home with the Professor.

The Professor again turned a node and then I saw random flashes of different lights around me and the next moment I was in a meadow of green grass where I saw the Dinosaurs roaming on Earth. Professor told me that “ If we could go 65 million light years away from earth then we could see the dinosaurs roam the earth in the present times”, and I quickly understood it.

So this was the moment I became a Time Traveler. I traveled to the Future, the Past, to distant galaxies and even to the Event Horizon of a Black Hole, and it were the best moments.

But the adventure doesn’t end here.

I asked the Professor that how he invented the time machine? And to which time period he belonged? The Professor answered that he belonged to the 17th century and actually he did not invent the time machine. Being a Scientist, while he was doing an experiment on green plants and its friendly environment he discovered this old clock in a box buried in Antarctica and it was named OMEGA on the box.

After finding OMEGA, he went on a deep research about it and discovered that this spectacular machine is a Time Traveling capable device with no modern or advanced components. Then in a curiosity to know when and how it was created he went on a time traveling journey to uncover the secrets of the Universe.

On his journey he came to know that the universe we are in is the 8th dimension and he said that there are 7 other dimensions out there. Then he reveled that during a experiment while inventing the Dimension traveler machine, he made a mistake and the OMEGA watch clock was broken and some of its pieces was scattered in different dimensions. And finally the machine exploded. Now the watch clock which he has can only let the host time travel but cannot let him to dimension travel because of misplaced pieces.

After saying this much there was a long pause.

Then he hastened towards me and gently held my hands and asked me for help, to help him on a journey to travel to other dimensions and to find the pieces of OMEGA. So when the OMEGA is completed it will be the ultimate machine ever capable of time traveling, space traveling and even dimension traveling. But now I wanted to know why the Professor needed such a powerful machine.

Then the Professor explained that the OMEGA is not made up of any machinery components instead are created by the Universal energy of the eight dimensions. And if the clock is remained separated for too long it can have devastating effects on the Dimensions. So to prevent the Apocalypse I accepted to help him on his journey. And another reason was I was curious to know more about the other Dimensions.

Then we time traveled to the 17th century, 1665, which is the time period Paradox belongs. Then in his Secret Laboratory he again fixed the Dimension traveling machine which took several days and I also helped him. But I was worrying what about my normal life in 2016? Then the professor said that when we have collected all the pieces of OMEGA he would leave me home at the time when I started the adventure. So I was preparing myself for this extraordinary journey ahead.

Finally the Dimension traveler machine was ready. The Professor and I who were fully ready for the adventure turned on the machine.

But unfortunately from this moment whatever happened to me is totally forgotten! I don’t know why? My mind was filled with questions.

What happened to Professor Paradox? What happened to the OMEGA? Was the universe finally saved? Or was it all just a highly imaginative dream? It was then when I discovered I had a photo in my pocket, a photo of me, Professor and the OMEGA standing in front of the Dimension Travelling machine. And it was the proof that it was all real, the Universe was saved and I think the professor cleared my memory before arriving to my time period.

Now I am in my home it is November of 2016 and I am returned to my normal life. My life has indeed changed; I have learned many things from the Professor and have changed my perspective. I have set a goal in my life that I will, on my own, someday invent a time machine of my own and meet Professor Paradox Once Again!


Author’s Details

Name – Bharath Prajwal .B.R.

Class – 9th

School – Sri Krishna International School, Bangalore.


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