Space Behold!! By Hari Kishan

Richard, Richard’ screamed Christina ‘Stop daydreaming and help me study ‘Richard jerked saying ‘All, right all right now read’. He and his friend Christina was studying in a group ‘Do black holes really exist asked Christina her brown eyes Dazzling and tossing her black hair. ‘ Maybe, maybe not you never know’ told Richard putting on that putting on a light frown,’ It seems that time slows or maybe ceases if you get sucked into it’. ‘ Wonderful!! I’d love to go there’ she said ‘but I want to live on Earth as well!’ Richard debated within himself if he must try and tell her that it is impossible or just let it go. No knew what he was about to do as his scientist father Professor Haling interrupted them. ‘Hi dad, would you mind explaining Christina about black holes’ asked Richard,’ Yes I’d love to know more about them’ requested Christina .Suddenly uncle gave a joyful smile and told them something because of which the kid’s heart skipped a or maybe two beats’ If you are interested I’ll take you there!’ Exclaimed uncle and this date liquid serious you you must be joking call Richard managing a few words out well come and see for yourself told professor leaving the room the kids followed her Idli telephone Rang choli and they pay no attention towards it as mother would lifted nonetheless are we going to a lab as Richard trying to start a conversation yes but not the one you know we are going to the handle set uncle in such a way that the others could barely hear it it was an hour’s drive from Richard’s house. ‘Here is the handle lab’ of the children gazed on it not knowing what to say . It was quite disappointing to be a physics lab from outside. The lab was covered with Creepers and climbers all-over the Dome shaped lab it looks far from a physics lab. They worked into all the plants that were here and there, it was plain that it was wasn’t used often. Then they went into a room which was comparatively bigger than the others then uncle stopped near a glass cupboard thing. It had astronaut suits ‘wear them’ told uncle with a smile those are too big for us’ complained Richard ‘just wear them’ said uncle impatiently, ‘careful they might be hot’. WHAT!Why would they be hot’ Christina thought, removing the suits from the Chamber. Surprisingly they were hot, the kids tried to wear it and were even more surprised when it fit them ‘I felt as if it shrunk!’ told Richard surprised. ‘Yes I did. This suit is made for high temperatures, you know that substances at high temperature expand you removed from the Chamber and it contracted it strong but you body temperature do not let it contract explained uncle.’wear the helmets’ they were all dressed up as a Astronauts now. They now felt a chill run down their spine. ‘Now let’s go to the teleportation chamber’ told uncle opening a series of doors, this was too much for the children to bear but they kept quiet. Christina now felt jealous of Richard as he had such a wonderful Dad, even if he was lying at least he was a good story teller. Now they had come to a room that, for a change looked clean! There was a remote in a thick fiber box there. Uncle removed it carefully with trembling hands.

now let’s go to the planet closest and safest to the supermassive black hole of milky way’. Before the kids could speak, uncle adjusted a dial on the remote and before they could realise anything their heads started spinning and hard rock stood beneath the shivering legs. Christina give a shriek as she looked around. Uncle said ‘We are on an unnamed planet in the interior part of our Milky Way galaxy and that Event Horizon of The supermassive black hole in milky way’ he pointed upwards, the children made out very less difference, yet they were happy and excited. ‘You cannot see it properly as light gets sucked into it instead of bouncing back’ said uncle ‘this is also a very nice planet but is very dangerous, the last time I came here my suit almost tore because of the strong storms here’. Now they started feeling scared, Christina saw behind the rocks to find some storm hiding there. Richard broke into laughter until his cheek hurt but no one dared to move. Richard broke the awkward silence by saying ‘why don’t we go to Mars..’. Uncle was now delighted ‘yes I don’t see why not?’. So uncle again turned dial and click some buttons everything spin for a second and before they could realise again. They were on Mars! Everywhere was red sand and dust. Richard who was dumbfounded pulled his hand into his suit, down into the pockets of his trousers and found a few peanuts he wondered if to eat them or sow them on Mars. He asked his father who was doing some kind of an experiment with the martian soil his father told him that it would be a great experiment to do that so they went back to earth brought a whole bag of peanuts and a whole can of water and returned. Richard slowly dug up a small hole and put a few peanuts in there and the others scattered here and there but most of them were flying. One of them sat on christina’s head, all had another hearty laugh and put some water though most of it disappeared into the soil just as it was put. They then tried to search for Martians here and there half scared of being pulled away by them. But then, they obviously did not find any and returned back to earth unwillingly ending the adventure and the fantastic experience. Maybe the seeds germinated, maybe a whole forest was formed and as they thought the martians might be munching on the peanuts looking towards Earth ,no one knows!!

Author’s Details

Name – Hari Kishan.

Class – 9th

School – Samved, Bangalore.


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