As I hear the word sensors, first thing that strikes my mind is our sense organs. Sense organs are the vital part of our body which are responsible for “response to stimulus” action. When there is any external stimuli to our body, there will always be a reaction to that action. Brain the superior power which takes the decision accordingly.

Sensors of the electronic world behaves exactly like the sense organs of our body.

What are sensors used in electronic world?

Sensors are sophisticated device which senses, detects and responds accordingly. It’s a type of transducer, which has electrical signals or optical signals. The explicit input could be moisture, pressure, heat, light and pressure.

What are different types of sensors?

There are numerous types of sensors, all are classified based on their input signals. Few of the most commonly used sensors are pressure sensors, proximity sensors, light sensors, optical sensors, position sensors, humidity sensors, flow sensors, heat or temperature sensors, speed sensors etc.


What are the different types of sensors present in mobile phone?



Let us see the detailed scope and functioning of the sensors present in mobile phones.







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