Sci-Fi Creative Writing Competition 2018 Results

Over 200 young children participated in Sci-Fi Contest. Congratulations to all! This year’s theme invited children to reflect on the topic.

Junior Category- “Imagine if you got a super power and how will you use it to help the society”

Senior Category- “If you were to invent something; what would have you like to invent? What would you named it? Also how is it going to help the Mankind?”

Super Senior Category- “As we all know that we have 5 sense organs in the human body. Imagine you have got a 6th Sense Organ!! What would it be? What will it help us in?

Judges were impressed by the diverse entries and described the papers as ‘creative’.

So below are the Winners!!

Junior Category


 Subha Sahiti Kompella


6th Std


CHIREC International School