Journey through galaxies Jayanth V Dev

The Hope In the year 2056 when the epidemic occurred humans were forced to leave their planet but to leave their planet, meant to find. Another planet which has an environment suitable as Earth. They set out for that planet. As days go by, technology increases so by the year 2050 they made a working model that travels in light speed. The energy was the space dust and the Hicks atoms in space that fired the engine to go in light speed. Meanwhile, back in earth people were dying as the epidemic was caused by a virus known as a

Space Behold!! By Hari Kishan

Richard, Richard’ screamed Christina ‘Stop daydreaming and help me study ‘Richard jerked saying ‘All, right all right now read’. He and his friend Christina was studying in a group ‘Do black holes really exist asked Christina her brown eyes Dazzling and tossing her black hair. ‘ Maybe, maybe not you never know’ told Richard putting on that putting on a light frown,’ It seems that time slows or maybe ceases if you get sucked into it’. ‘ Wonderful!! I’d love to go there’ she said ‘but I want to live on Earth as well!’ Richard debated within himself if he

Me: The Moon Girl By Ganga Santhosh By Ganga Santhosh

My journey began on December 11. At night before going to bed I looked through the window. The sky looked very dull and dark. My mind was unsettled as I went off to sleep. The next day my mother informed me that the sky had been gloomy last night. Even my father and sister told the same. That night was also like the night before. The next day the news reporters claimed that NASA explained that there had been no moon in the sky since the last week and that only stars shone during the nights. The reporters informed that

Space Time Travel – The Catastrophic dimension By Bharath Prajwal B.R

The time was nine o clock pm at night. The day behind was as normal as it could have been. I, a fifteen year old boy, was going through a normal day in my life. The weather was cold and highly humid. There was a good amount of rainfall from the beginning of the month, November. After a tiring day had been gone through, I wanted a good night sleep. So I slept on my bed with a peaceful mind and rested my body. This was the day when I had the most important moments in my life which changed

My Adventures through the Galaxies By Arnav Kumar

My name is Rakesh, and I am an astronaut cum scientist. This is the story of my intergalactic journey. It was the year 3104, when ISRO and Roscosmos decided to send the first manned mission to the celestial body, Vostov, in the Axion galaxy. This was the first time a manned mission to the Axion galaxy was going to take place. I was pretty excited when I was selected for the mission, as it had been my long cherished dream to visit another galaxy. My mate was a Russian cosmonaut Nate, The rocket in which we were going was the

TO EARTH AND BACK By Arjun Paartha

Musha! (Hello in alien language) I am ‘Star Sabre’ an alien robot from planet ‘Infitron’. I transform into a blue and silver space rocket for interstellar space travel. Wish me luck as I prepare for take-off from planet Earth in a few minutes…just enough time to tell you about my space saga that brought me here: It must be eons ago when I started on my first science mission in space named ‘Lab Alpha’ to set up a space laboratory to support advanced scientific research on our planet. The mission was nearing completion and I was totally focussed on the

Callisto By Anushka P

The white puff of smoke as the exploravan penetrated the thick atmosphere of the alien planet went mostly unnoticed by its inhabitants, who looked busy enclosed in their multi-purpose pods that served as their mobile habitats as well as their transportation units. Sitting inside the exploravan, Callisto could not get a clear reading on her ALIA-BHAT instruments (ALIen Atmospheres – Breathability Habitability And Toxicity), mostly because the atmosphere seemed to be mainly composed of a cocktail of gases hitherto unknown to her. Whether it was poisonous or not, she had no way to tell. Callisto did not want to risk

My Adventures through the Galaxies By Anjana N

Last night I had been to a movie which was related to galaxy. I was so thrilled that I wanted to visit galaxy which was however impossible. Even when I was sleeping I was thinking about galaxy. At the morning my mother forgot to wake me up, but still I managed to wake up. As I woke up I saw a different world, I was not in my room but I saw a strange world where there was a cluster of stars and a huge cloud of gas revolving in circular motion. Soon I realized that I was in a

JUPITER…… MY DREAM By Akash M Athreyas

“SARVA AARAMBHAHI DOSHENA, DHUMENAGNIRIVA AAVRITAAHA!” In Sanskrit means, every good beginning made is always surrounded by `fires & fumes!’ Exactly. My dream journey to space has started with such Rocket fire…! I have always dreamt about going on a space journey to Jupiter. I would build a huge city with enough water, oxygen and food so that people could come and live in it. But as they say ‘dreams are meant to be true’! And my dream has come true! My school teacher called me that morning just to say that ‘Hey Akash, Good news! You are flying man and

The Future By Aditya Krishna Lingam

Prologue This is the story of a very interesting event in my life. It was a nice morning in the year 2150. I was a scientist sitting in my lab and I was working on my latest project: Traveling into the future. I was obsessed with it. One of Einstein’s theory proved that it is possible to travel through time. I was researching more and more on this theory and how I could use it to travel through time. After years of work I had finally found something more about his theory. It was very bad news. I found out