Journey Through The Galaxies By Shwetambari Abhirajan

‘Jerry, come down right now.’ thundered Jerry’s dad in a very irate mood. Jerry came out of his room with a shabby face. ‘What is this Jerry? You have got only 62 % in science assessment! You lost all your marks in the questions about galaxies. I very upset with you.’ He said in a voice that felt as if his anger had brought in gloominess. ‘Sorry dad. I do not think that I studied well for the exam. I will improve in my final exams.’ said Jerry in a way that made his dad feel that Jerry had realized


I start my day with my usual routine eating precisely 317 pieces of cereals in 563 millilitres of milk. I give Jupiter his 438 chunks of pedigree and check my time table. I have to wear red today. I part my hair to the left side as it is supposed to be on Tuesdays I look into the mirror and sigh at my preposterous self. I fully blame this condition of mine on my superstitious parents. They were not always like this. They didn’t force me to practice these abnormalities six years ago. On 17th of July 2009 when Nakshatraa’s


Galaxy! When I hear this word my mind runs fast and imagines how will the place be and I become more curious to visit galaxy and to spend some special time over there. On Christmas eve , my friend had organized night party, I went there and had lot of enjoyment. After coming home I went to bed very soon as I was very tired and exhausted. When I woke up, I suddenly realized that I was not there in my room. It was entirely dark and the stars up in the sky were twinkling bright. I was astonished. After


GALAXY ADVENTURE It was a hot sunny day, the sun was blazing like fire. I dread heat and cold equally. But once on an exceptional hot day, I had to remain outdoors on work. I started at eight in the morning, when the heat was somewhat bearable. I had an adventure waiting for me, I packed my necessities and was off in my BMW i8. After a few hours, I was in front of NASA. I went inside and changed on to my space attire. My mission was unbelievable yet incredible. I could hear the moon rover getting ready. My


I had been praying to god that I wanted to explore around the universe because I am interested in this field. I love space science. One night, in my dream, came the god who said me “My child, I know you are very interested to explore the universe. So to fulfill your wish, I will make you an astronaut and transform on the surface of the moon and I will give you a special spacecraft. It will be very fast and can travel anywhere all around universe. But be careful about meteoroids and comets. ENJOY!!!!!! ” he said and vanished.


One day , waking up to hear not my mom screaming at me but to see all the beautiful EYE STUNNING STARS would be an astounding adventure which everybody would love to have. So, if it would ever happen to me I would first go around seeing the galaxies especially the M18 galaxy which will stun me for a minute by admiring the beauty of it. Then I would head back to our galaxy The Milky Way Galaxy and head towards our solar system. Then I would sit on the stones of the Saturn rings and spin around for a

My Adventure through the Galaxies By Karthik Bonthala

Hello Everyone, I am Eric Otatswan. I am writing my experience of adventure in the intergalactic travel. First I am going to give some information about the universe I live in. After all the celestials have collapsed into one, all the creatures including of the Earth’s have burnt to ashes. All signs of life were lost except for the 4 Legendary Gods, “Palkia” the god of space, “Dialga” the god of time, “Giratina” the god and controller of the Underworld & finally the first individual to exist “Arceus” the god of Life, Elements and Universe. These critters had put an

My adventure through galaxy with ALIEN By Jeevan C

I set my alarm and slept. I entered a spacecraft, the rockets taking the J6, myself landed in the space. Sending signals to NASA but someone caught my signals, had sudden jerk inside landed safe on the moon, and came out of J6, to see who caught my signals, but there was a crash to my rocket by the soccer. I came out and saw there was smoke coming from the soccer and looked up, saw comet passing above my head, the Milky Way at little distance and there were star twinkling. Sometimes they were close to me and sometimes

Journey through galaxies Jayanth V Dev

The Hope In the year 2056 when the epidemic occurred humans were forced to leave their planet but to leave their planet, meant to find. Another planet which has an environment suitable as Earth. They set out for that planet. As days go by, technology increases so by the year 2050 they made a working model that travels in light speed. The energy was the space dust and the Hicks atoms in space that fired the engine to go in light speed. Meanwhile, back in earth people were dying as the epidemic was caused by a virus known as a

Space Behold!! By Hari Kishan

Richard, Richard’ screamed Christina ‘Stop daydreaming and help me study ‘Richard jerked saying ‘All, right all right now read’. He and his friend Christina was studying in a group ‘Do black holes really exist asked Christina her brown eyes Dazzling and tossing her black hair. ‘ Maybe, maybe not you never know’ told Richard putting on that putting on a light frown,’ It seems that time slows or maybe ceases if you get sucked into it’. ‘ Wonderful!! I’d love to go there’ she said ‘but I want to live on Earth as well!’ Richard debated within himself if he