5 Free Essential Health Apps That Everyone Should Try

Health is wealth & happiness is having good health. But have you ever thought, about mobile apps that could save, & keep your life healthy. Yes!! Phones can do much than take pictures, check mails, & listening songs. And there are few mobile apps that are promising & help you in betterment of human safety. Here are list of the Free Emergency health apps that can assist you in emergency, help in finding nearby first responders, Ambulance-finder apps, medical emergency alert apps, & possibly life saving apps. Give them a try to see good changes in your lifestyle. VMEDO: VMEDO


It was the cold chilling winter morning, when I was just to wakeup but suddenly something happened and everything I can see was of deep black colour . My room was all black, and I started my space adventure right there. I had a robot toy, which was my space tour guide in my dream that time .We both can see many beautiful scenes out in the space, I can see my planet earth, I can see the big sun, various galaxies and can see everything shiny and beautiful out there. My robot’s name was Goldy. He guided me to


I suddenly felt myself sweat as I woke up; the whole spaceship was heating up considerably. That had never been for good. My intergalactic space shuttle is modeled to mimic the conditions externally to give the inmates an idea of the planet they were nearing. I had slept through most of the transit. Doctor leery had warned me about the dangers of intergalactic travel. I had been travelling in low-mass, customized craft that has sate of art technology used for tunneling in space-time. I had stared at alpha century where we saw a star at the other end of the

My Adventures through the Galaxies By Praneeth Bommisetti

Most important time for the planet, planet’s core reactor was stolen, without the core reactor the planets core will blast because of the unstoppable force present in the core, there is only three more days left over before the plant will melt down occurs as the core reactor is not present. The core reactor is made of rarest metals in the solar system which were Frominum, Laratic, Zopier and Korpier .Each metal is present in different planet. So the government selected a team for space exploration to find these metals and collect them; the team consisted of me and two


Hi friends, One night when I slept in my room I had a dream that I was in the galaxy, there I came across different types of galaxies like spiral, lenticular galaxies.It was scary, when I woke up; I was surprised to see that I was really in galaxy surrounded by stars, asteroids, meteoroids, planets etc…. I went to the planet mars and it was fully red in colour, there I saw many volcanic mountains and aliens, they were so weird and funny but they were talking in a different language which I was not aware of. Suddenly the ground

An Adventure In Space By Yash Patil

I wakeup in the morning not to the screams of my mothe rasking to get you ready for school but surrounded by darkness with is illuminated by the twinkling stars you can see the complete expensive galaxies and all the beauty contains I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Words could not describe the ecstasy I saw. Let me rewind: I was surrounded purely by star and far away planets. I could see flying comets and their beautiful tail. I hovered in space for quite sometime. I felt eye spinned on me, but I could not tell where

The journey through galaxy By Shruthi Sunil

I wake up in the morning not to the screams of my mom asking me to get ready for school, but surrounded by darkness which is illuminated by the twinkling stars. Isn’t it wonderful, I used to wonder each and every time I see those beautiful stars. I am Charlie Carson, the one and only son of Alex Carson and Julie Carson. I am thin, pale, and have messed up hair, and loves observing things. I always wanted to become a space researcher. I got ready for school, ate breakfast. I put my socks and shoes on and waved bye

Journey Through The Galaxies By Shwetambari Abhirajan

‘Jerry, come down right now.’ thundered Jerry’s dad in a very irate mood. Jerry came out of his room with a shabby face. ‘What is this Jerry? You have got only 62 % in science assessment! You lost all your marks in the questions about galaxies. I very upset with you.’ He said in a voice that felt as if his anger had brought in gloominess. ‘Sorry dad. I do not think that I studied well for the exam. I will improve in my final exams.’ said Jerry in a way that made his dad feel that Jerry had realized


I start my day with my usual routine eating precisely 317 pieces of cereals in 563 millilitres of milk. I give Jupiter his 438 chunks of pedigree and check my time table. I have to wear red today. I part my hair to the left side as it is supposed to be on Tuesdays I look into the mirror and sigh at my preposterous self. I fully blame this condition of mine on my superstitious parents. They were not always like this. They didn’t force me to practice these abnormalities six years ago. On 17th of July 2009 when Nakshatraa’s


Galaxy! When I hear this word my mind runs fast and imagines how will the place be and I become more curious to visit galaxy and to spend some special time over there. On Christmas eve , my friend had organized night party, I went there and had lot of enjoyment. After coming home I went to bed very soon as I was very tired and exhausted. When I woke up, I suddenly realized that I was not there in my room. It was entirely dark and the stars up in the sky were twinkling bright. I was astonished. After