Unsolved Mysteries of Science

Scientific research has answered a number of questions that were unknown to humanity. We have studied about the very small things such as structure of atoms and also about enormous systems like the Milky Way. We created new machines which made our life easier. Science and engineering have been a boon to humanity and solved many mysteries. This article is not about such success stories but about the unknown mysteries. There are always something incredible things to be discovered. Here is a list of such unsolved mysteries in science. Protein folding Problem Proteins are polymers of amino acids and they

Swatchh Moon Abhiyan?

There are many things that I don’t like about we people; the humans. But I hate one most common character of ours. We humans have a bad tradition of leaving junk items wherever we go. If we go to mountain, ocean, forest… wherever we go we pollute that place by putting waste over there. One interesting fact is that, we have done this junk business even in the Moon…! Humans went to moon and polluted there also. Yes, there is poop on the Moon…! You might be familiar with the heroic Apollo space mission that has taken two humans to

Amazing facts about the “Dwarf ​​planet” Pluto

Which is the smallest planet in our solar system? If you had asked me this question before 2006, I would have said, Pluto. But now the answer is different, it’s Mercury. When scientists discovered Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) of sizes similar to Pluto, they declared that Pluto cannot be considered as a planet anymore because of its similarities to TNOs. So, since 2006, Pluto has been considered as a ‘Dwarf planet’. But I don’t think Pluto would be sad about that. Pluto may no longer be considered as the smallest planet but will now be considered as the largest Trans-Neptunian Object

Boundless Urge for Astronomic Learning For Kids IN Bangalore

Our universe always has something exiting for people who want to know about it. Children always find it very exciting to know new stuff related to our universe. Just not for kids, for parents too. There are so many unfolded mysteries in the world. I am sure many of you have doubts regarding it but are struggling to find solutions for it. Amazing astronomy short course is the solution to justify your impulse towards astronomic learning. Gyanpro astronomy club helps you find the answers for all the unknown mysteries of the Universe. Channelize your interest and excitement in a correct

Promising Amateur Scientist Workshops For Kids IN Bangalore

Every other kid’s dream is to become a famous scientist. Most of them have their favourite scientist as their inspiration and role model. Looking at their role model they also start feeling like a scientist. Usually kids suffer from lack of practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is just not satisfying for them, it becomes very difficult for them to recollect the facts. Science workshops, summer camps and short courses provides a positive hope in them to achieve their goal. All the curriculum subjects are transformed in to practical sessions. Application based STEM teaching methodologies trigger their minds to express and learn

Aeromodelling Activities For Kids In Bangalore

Learn the art of designing, building and flying various models of airplanes and helicopters. Aero modelling workshops, summer camps and short courses are the ones for children who would love to learn flying and the science behind it. This kind of deeper study about any one particular subject can be achieved by attending workshops and beyond academics courses. Gyanpro Aeromodelling club has uniquely designed STEM curriculum. The STEM extra-curricular activities are most preferred now a days. Beyond academics is always a plus point and acts as add on for the academics. With lot of hands on activities and DIY’s included

Cutting-edge 3D printing Classes In Bangalore

3D is the new ground breaking technology. Technological advancements are happening day to day. Updating knowledge about such new happenings is very vital. One of such happening technology is the 3D technology. These kind of topics are not taught in the regular learning pattern. All these are beyond academics. Such beyond academic learning is enable by STEM methodologies. Gyanpro short courses involves all such beyond academic learning classes. Short course are like add on for learning. It enhances their scientific intellect and make them think beyond what is taught. 3D printing technology is still undiscovered subject for children as they

Important points to Consider while Selecting School for your child

“Schooling is the first step taken towards being independent’’. Sending your child to a right school is the basic requisite for all parents. Let us see how you can narrow down to the best available option for your child. Gather information about different schools from school’s websites, reports in local newspaper, online reviews / testimonials, family and friends opinion etc… Along with the schools curricula and philosophy, you will want to know about school policies and services, including sports or other co- curricular activities and extra-curricular activities. Whether the school caters individual attention? Will the school provide opportunities for children

5 Free Essential Health Apps that everyone should try

Health is wealth & happiness is having good health. But have you ever thought about mobile apps that could save & keep your life healthy. Yes! Phones can do much more than just take pictures, check mails & play music. There are a few mobile apps that are promising & proving to be helpful in betterment of human safety. Here’s the list of the Free Emergency health apps that can assist you in emergency, help find nearby first responders, Ambulance-finder apps, medical emergency alert apps & possibly, life saving apps. Give them a try to see good changes in your


It was the cold chilling winter morning, when I was just to wakeup but suddenly something happened and everything I can see was of deep black colour . My room was all black, and I started my space adventure right there. I had a robot toy, which was my space tour guide in my dream that time .We both can see many beautiful scenes out in the space, I can see my planet earth, I can see the big sun, various galaxies and can see everything shiny and beautiful out there. My robot’s name was Goldy. He guided me to