6 Proven Techniques For Fast And Effective Learning

Learning is going to be effective and useful only when the learnt subject can be replicated effectively. Memory issues are the most common problem faced by people now a days.  Even though we feel we know it, recalling would become a greatest challenge. That is when people get stressed out and feel humiliated. So here are few techniques to overcome this complication. Improving your memory is not at all difficult it can be achieved by regular practice. So what does memory mean? Memory is nothing but your brain, your memory lies inside your brain. A healthy life style is an


As I hear the word sensors, first thing that strikes my mind is our sense organs. Sense organs are the vital part of our body which are responsible for “response to stimulus” action. When there is any external stimuli to our body, there will always be a reaction to that action. Brain the superior power which takes the decision accordingly. Sensors of the electronic world behaves exactly like the sense organs of our body. What are sensors used in electronic world? Sensors are sophisticated device which senses, detects and responds accordingly. It’s a type of transducer, which has electrical signals


Every day we are surrounded by the beauty of colours in nature. Nature is indeed a bag full of surprises as it never fails to capture my attention. Every life that exists on Earth has been designed intricately and ingeniously. All creatures have different structures, adaptabilities, colours etc. Chameleons are one such unique creature that exists in nature. They are a type of lizard and can commonly be found in lonely parks or in wood lands. These chameleons have a special ability of changing their skin colour. Generally, lizards adapted to dessert areas lack this ability to change colour.. So

What causes the super Volcano to erupt?

The volcanic eruptions are oozing out of magma from the earth core. What is magma? What causes it to explode? What are the factors responsible for volcanic eruptions?  Magma is formed by the melting of earth’s upper mantle and lower mantle. During the volcanic eruptions the magma contains some dissolved gasses. Volcano is nothing but the opening or crack through which this magma flows out. This volcano eruption occurs due to three main reasons: pressure from the gasses dissolved in magma, the buoyance of the magma and entry or collection of more and more magma in the existing region. How

Pros and cons of Genetically Engineered food

Genetically engineered food is also known as genetically modified food (GMF). There is lot of debate going on regarding GMO. According to arguments some say it is boon while some say it is not. Genetic engineering has been advancing in biotechnological world. GMF deals with modifying or inserting other genes into DNA of plants and animals. Hybrid plantations are result of genetic engineering. The main intension of genetically modifying food is to increase the crop yield and to come up with more hybrid varieties. Though this technique helps in the improved production there is always a risk factor involved. Some

Nuclear fusion in the Sun

Sun is well known for its extreme hotness. Nuclear fusion reaction is responsible for it. Even before we know how nuclear fusion happens in sun. Let us just understand what nuclear fusion reaction is? Nuclear fusion Nuclear fusion is nuclear reaction in which two or more nuclei combine to form a massive structure. It is an exothermic reaction. So when the collision of nuclei is happening there will be lot of reactional outcomes. Heat, light etc. are results of exothermic reactions. Generally the fusing nuclei have lower masses. So the energy released during this reaction is due to interaction between

Do You Know Which Is The Most Abundant Element In The Earth’s Atmosphere?

When asked people about the most abundantly available element in earth’s atmosphere, they tend to say it is either oxygen or carbon dioxide. But in reality the most abundant element present in earth atmosphere is NITROGEN. Though oxygen is the most essential gas it is the nitrogen which has higher position in the earth atmosphere. Nitrogen makes around 78.084% of total elements of earth. This means it is four times abundant than oxygen or hydrogen. And just not in earth surface but nitrogen is the seventh most abundantly found element in the universe. In the existence of solar radiation the

What Are The Uses And Advantages Of Myrrh?

Myrrh is dried resin. It is a type of spice from thorny tree. Commiphora is the botanical name of Myrrh. It is a type of natural gum. Myrrh resins have many medicinal values and used for perfumes for incense. The Myrrh gum is harvested from Commiphora Myrrha. These myrrh gums looks opaque and are mostly waxy. They are also used in perfumes and as incense ingredients. They are commonly found in Eastern Mediterranean, Yemen and Eastern Ethiopia. This resin is a used in both ancient and modern medicine. In the historic times it has had value as much as gold

Did You Know This Amazing Secrets Of 8 Phases Of Moon?

As a kid I would always wonder why the size of moon keeps on decreasing and finally disappear. And this rotation of slowly disappearing of moon became a routine. I thought that it was some magic happening in the sky. There is a myth that only one part of moon is seen and the other part is always dark. But the fact is that only one side of moon is visible to one part of the world while the other part is not see. This is because the moon rotates at the same speed as the earth’s rotation. The phases

What regulates organ regeneration?

Our well designed systematic biological procedures has always astonished me. How it all is designed? Who is the master mind behind all these? How this system does works so perfectly? Have you ever wondered what to do if there is damage to this system? Yes, organ generation is a possible solution. But do you think all the organs can regenerate? Medical field has been taking new turns every day. Many advanced techniques, equipment and study have showed up with solutions for many problems. Infact, the medical field has battled with many acute problems like common cold, cough, infections etc. Researchers