10 Surprising facts about our Solar System you probably didn’t know!

Our Solar system is a magical box with full of mysteries. Do you think you know everything about our Solar system? Well, it has lot of surprising facts concealed in it. And here are some of the astonishing facts about our Solar system which you are probably unaware of. Mercury is not the hottest planet Since our initial school days we have been taught that Mercury is the hottest planet as it is close to sun compared to any other planets. But reality is that, Venus, the second nearest planet to the Sun is the hottest planet of our solar

How does the Fire Extinguisher Work?

Fire has been one of the oldest discoveries among the most important ancient discoveries. Fire is a subsequent of chemical combustion reaction. When the combustible material combines with oxygen, it results in fire. Combustion process releases a lot of heat and some amount of light too. Not all the materials are combustible, but certain combustible material like paper, wood, cloth etc. do not catch fire all the time. Combustion totally depends on combustible material, oxygen and temperature. Even if one of the three substances is missing, then there is no combustion taking place. The most common method of extinguishing fire

Ancient India’s Immense Contribution For Modern Day Distillation Procedures

Shloka:  Sodasangulavistirnamhastamatrayatamsamam | DhatusattvanipatarthamKosthiyantramitismrtam || Meaning: The Koshti equipment (furnace) is 16 inches in breadth and is of equal height and length of 1 palm (6 inches). It enhances the strength of ores. Shloka:  Bhandakanthadadhaschidrevenunalamviniksipet | KamsyapatradvayamKrtvasamputamjalagarbhita, || Meaning: In the opening under the neck of the vessel fit the bamboo tube. Taking two (hemispherical) brass vessel, fill them with water and close them and place the mouth of the tube appropriately and firmly there. Shloka:  Nalikasyamtatrayogyamdrdhamtaccapikarayet | Yuktadravyairviniksiptahpurvam  Tatraghaterasah || Agninatapitonalattoyetasminpatatyadhah | Yavadusnambhavetsarvabhajanamtavadeva hi | Jayaterasasandhanam  dhekiyantramitritam || Meaning:  Mercury mixed with proper ingredients is previously poured in the vessel. The

10 unusual places on Earth that are scientifically interesting!

Do you think you think you are aware of every place on earth? Is your geographical knowledge high? You might be well aware of people’s achievements in reaching out to the most dangerous places on Earth. We get to know about such dangerous locations by reading some of the amazing success stories of people reaching out to the most dangerous and adventurous places on earth. Do you think man has touched all the greatest and dangerous places on earth? If you think yes, you might probably be wrong. There definitely are some real places on earth which is impossible to

Suprising Facts About The Father Of Indian Nuclear Power Program HomiJehangir Bhabha

Every time we hear about the dropping of atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, it sends chills down the spine! The first thing that comes to our mind thinking about the disaster that occurred in Japan is the atomic bombs! The thought of bloodshed, destruction, chaos, misery and the pain people over there went through has created a state of fear in the minds of people. Most of the people think atomic energy to be something which is used for destruction purpose only! But the discovery of atomic energy was made for a good cause, so that it

Why Should Electronic Gadgets Be Turned Off In Flights

We have become so dependent and attached to our gadgets that we cannot even spare a minute away from it. It has been our best partner or rather a mandate while travelling in order to beat the boredom. It is no less than a challenge for people to stay away from their gadgets. And the most annoying thing about flight travels are keeping your gadgets switched off. I know most of you get irritated to put off your phones while travelling in flight. Ever wondered why flight attendants recommend you to keep your phone off? Why is it done only

Amazing Facts About Great Ancient Indian Universities

India boasts a history of great scholars and wonderful education system ever since the ancient period. The great universities that were built in that time has been a proof for the excellent education system that existed. Many of you may be just aware of either Takshashila or Nalanada universities as the great universities that existed in India during the ancient time. But India had many more such great universities that served the education purpose in those days. Here is the list of great universities that existed during the ancient time. Nalanda University Nalanda University was built in Gupta Dynasty by

10 Facts About Fungi That Will Astound You

They belong to a separate kingdom Fungi are neither plants nor animals, but they belong to the fungi kingdom. Initially they were placed in the plant kingdom but that created lot confusions among biologists due to its characteristics. Fungi possessed unique characteristics which made the biologists to place them in a special kingdom. Fungi are unicellular, multicellular or dimorphic. Yeast is the fungi which is unicellular. Mushroom and moulds that are multicellular fungi. When it comes to dimorphic it is combination of both unicellular and multicellular. There was lot of confusion when it came to placing of fungi in animal

The Truth About Composition And Structure Of Atmosphere

Earth is popularly known as envelope of gasses. Have you ever wondered what would happen if this envelope did not exist? There would be no life. Scary isn’t it! These gaseous layers are boon for earth and life in it. It’s just not one layer, but they are composition of multiple safety blankets. Life is safe and secure under these safety blankets. There are 5 gaseous layers around the earth atmosphere. Each layer has different composition, chemical reactions etc. Starting from top to the lowest of the layers arrangement are as follows:- EXOSPHERE: Exosphere is the topmost and very thin

Where Does Our ‘POOP’ Go In The Aeroplanes And Spacecrafts!

Have you ever wondered what happens when you flush toilet in an aeroplane? I am sure some or the other time people on ground would have feared the falling of waste from aeroplane. If that’s not the case, then what happens to all the human waste in the plane? Does the pilot dump this human waste in mid-flight? The biggest question is where does all the flushed waste go? Well, nothing to worry about. Thanks to the well-developed systems in aircrafts which have proper disposal procedures. The aircraft’s toilets have come a long way. There is no need for aircraft